14 schools, 6 health posts centres , 16 bridges have been cut off completely due to the floods in Barotseland.

The rains have continued to pour down heavily across Barotse kingdom with the last pending disastrous looming in Nalolo district.

The leve of waters in Barotse plain has increased and each day keeps on increasing.
And school children have stopped going to schools while citizens have also stopped going to clinics to receive the required medical attention

A lot of people are trapped as there is no noble transport to use apart from the canoes, and spead boats.

Most of the people across the Barotse plain are about to move from the lowerland to the upper land which is commonly known as kuomboka, especially starting in March and April.
Katiya, litawa, Mutwaleti among the six Health centers affected.


  1. It has been like this from time immemorial. Nothing new.
    The only major issue is hunger!
    With fish ban being strictly enforced people must be very hungry, thin and highly irritable!


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