The Ministry of General Education has announced that it will before the end of this year (2017) recruit 2,000 teachers across the country out of the estimated 85,000 that have so far completed their teacher training and not yet employed in government.

Sources within the ministry have confirmed that the number has this year reduced from the usual 5,000 to 2,000 because a lot of money was spent in purchasing the much talked about Fire Tenders which the caring government is using to threaten North Korea.

The recruitment of 2000 teachers means that each province will receive 200 teachers and 20 teachers will be deployed per district. And out of 20 per district, 4 will be attached to Early Education, 6 to Secondary Schools while 10 to the Primary.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has also announced that 4,300 health workers will before the end of this year be recruited this year across the country. This is out of the estimated 5,100 who completed their training and are not yet employed by the government.


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  2. Zambia has lost it all… no direction and priorities. When the same government has commissioned a lot of new schools and upgraded a lot to secondary schools without adequate teaching stuff!!!! Yaba

  3. It’s just the format they have taken already their children’s and Start pretending as if their recruiting kkkkkkkkk in Zambia, try to apply today and see if I’m cheating no spaces are already filled by their relatives

  4. It goes by ‘Faith’, God alone. Ine naacepa, help me my father and continue imparting more knowledge into our leaders so that we may continue enjoying peace in our county.

  5. Comment: ilyashi ilyo ba kafundisha.nomba iwe naine tukäbako,what äbout those with fake results they caught ninshi tabafitamfya?

  6. I did know that teachers are the only Zambians and nurses are parents why should wast your money taking your children to teaching when there is no employment in Education.please parents stop wasting your money for nothing.


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