A Tanzanian virgin girl has won a scholarship to study medicine overseas. The girl won the outstanding award after all advanced medical tests confirmed she has never slept with any man since she was born.

At 21, she will have to spend close to 6 years studying medicine free of charge in UK, while receiving a heavy salary.

She is one of the few intelligent girls in Tanzania who is vulnerable.

Out of 50 medical female students at Tanzania’s medical university, only two were confirmed virgins and have all been awarded sponsorship.

Now the question is, if such a test was conducted on Zambian girls of the same age as hers, could we produce any virgin for sponsorship.

That answers why promoters of virginity only go to South Africa and Tanzania, not Zambia or Kenya.


  1. Stupidity at its highest level..
    Is intelligence found in the vagina or brain, does one use his penis or her vagina to think?
    Let’s be realistic people, whoever thought of such an idea must be really out of this world

  2. Bazungu they got her for a very suspicious reason! Mmmmmmmmm! I don’t trust British pipo noooooo! Do they give free scholarships to all virgins above 21 from any country, really?

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