A 25 year old Lusaka woman only identified as Taonga Mwanza has been advocating for Zambian women to get pregnant and abort at three months for riches

According to one female victim who was corned by Ms. Mwanza says she was told to sleep with any man in order for her to get pregnant and later after three months abort the pregnancy.

Pamela Chewe, a 24 Year old Lusaka woman who is the victim informed Zambian Watch that Ms. Taonga has been posting on social media inviting women to earn money while at home.

She says when she contacted Taonga about how to make money at home, she was told to meet her and later told her the business of aborting for riches.

“This woman is parading on Facebook adding women and asking them to join a business where you can make money from your own home. Considering the fact that I have been looking for a job, i contacted her in the hope of starting up a business” Ms. Chewe said.

” Surprisingly Ms. Mwanza promised to give me K10,000 if I joined her business. She told me to get pregnant and abort the Pregnancy at three months old. She said once I adhere to that, I was going to get rich for the rest of my life using the same fetus” she said.

“But the other condition is that once you so that, you will never have a child for the rest of your life. This must be exposed and bring a stop to it. I reported this woman to Kamwala police but the officer told me I needed to take evidence not text messages I exchanged with her” she said.

Just yesterday, a baby believed to be three months old was dumped near the road in Mtendere East.


  1. That is a choice someone can make… If someone decides to abort, become rich and barren for the rest of their life that’s their choice. Times of the end! This world has become like Sodom and Gomorrah.


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