Given Lubinda

ustice Minister Given Lubinda has asked the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to summon those that are accusing others of corruption.

Mr. Lubinda said ACC should not only wait for people to report matters to them but should also summon those that had been accusing others in public to swear under oath about their allegations.

Speaking during a parliamentary debate on the ratification of the appointment of Mrs. Cecilia Mbewe as Clerk of the National Assembly and Mr. Kapetwa Phiri as ACC Director General, Mr. Lubinda said the fight against corruption was for everyone and that MPs were at liberty to bring in bills that could help improve operations of the ACC.

He added that MPs should enact laws that would help the new ACC Director General excute his duties diligently.

During the same debate, Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu wondered why some politicians were accusing the President and some ministers of being corrupt when they were not involved in any government procurement process.

” Mr speaker the procurement act is very clear, politicians are not involved in the procurement processes. So I am wondering were ministers come in on this matter.” he said.
The Malambo law maker explained that procurement teams consisted of technocrats and law enforcement agencies including the ACC.

“Politicians are not there during these processes. The security wings such as DEC, OP and ACC are there during these processes, that is why people should understand when ACC says there was nothing wrong with this or that procurement process, because they are there from the start.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Zulu wondered why some politicians were questioning ACC for taking long in investigating some cases.

He said investigations were complex and investigative wings should be given enough time to conduct the process.

The Eastern Province Minister urged MPs to take time to read and understand the issues pertaining to public procurement and corrupt acts.

He said MPs had the power to enact laws that can help give power to institutions like the ACC and Public Procurement Authority- PPA.


  1. Uuuuuuuuuuuuu , Mr Lubinda why ask for a voluntary identification parade so that people are killed by your untrained brutal Police. If anything you should be the first to report your friends as Kambwili is doing. You are stiff scared to reveal the truth because you are a parasite relishing on taxpayers money otherwise you could be a street adult by now. Be brave and stop the rampant corruption. When are you going to be a useful political idiot like Kambwili. There is no honour in concealing that is against mankind.

  2. Under Mr Lungu all institutions of governance have been compromised. This is because he is the appointing authority, so you don’t expect anything good.

  3. Kambwili can you please strip naked this Lubinda thief. Give us the details of his FRA scandal and many more. The guilty are afraid.

  4. Give respect to some of us who are commenting on the Peripheral because we speak for the illiterate voiceless who are easily bribed by a packet of sugar when a lot of their shares is being squandered by the few.We also make effort to defend taxpayers whose money is being stolen recklessly. Our comments and decisions are more than of those in opposition who equally depend on taxpayers money. They are there as seasoned parasites whose job is to agree to every bill which meets their egos. They are thieves too under a different name.

  5. You don’t summon witnesses before you question suspects. What are they going to witness and against who? There has to be a crime before a witness. How can you summon a witness to an accident that never happened? Summon the suspects first. Vehicles have been mentioned, why not investigate those first. Show how the vehicles were bought with evidence of all transactions and source of money. That’s how you clear the air. The public will regain confidence when such details are availed.

    • I agree with you 100%, except that in Zambia, if the allegation turns out to be false, people would accuse the investigative agencies of working under instructions from whoever, including the President.
      Zambia has become too politically polarised such that most sentiments are dependent on who has said what rather than what has been said.
      Otherwise, your comment is valid.

    • Are you confirming that the ACC is not independent? Why would a minister ask witnesses to go to the ACC? Isn’t that interference in itself. The allegations made are serious. Let them investigate and give a report. Very easy.

  6. No don’t do that. They are the citizens of this land. They have the right to question govt operations if if they are not satisfied. Instead put a commission of inquiry to investigate the allegations. If its not true, then dust will be cleared. That’s the best way to proceed, I believe.

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