Larry L Mweetwa


The behaviour of Kanyama residents today must be condemned by all well meaning Zambians and that they should stop black mailing the president.

Government can not be held to ransom by few sponsored renegades. Our city was becoming filthy because of the activities of these vendors who do not even pay tax.

We need to change our thought process. Lets think with our heads. The health,Safety and sanity of our city is much bigger than a handful of these NDC sponsored renegades or street vendors. There’s a place for everything. You can not run a country like jungle or a circus in order to appease a select few.

Thats ridiculous. There’s plenty of trading space in the markets. These people would rather be in the CBD for a quick buck. A country that does not abide by its rules and laws ultimately ends up in the gutter.

Street vending is immoral. There is the appropriate place for traders and thats in the markets.

Things need to be done the right way. All those found wanting in these riots should be caged and punished, I don’t care whether they be UPND or PF, The president needs to send a clearer message that such nonsense will not be condoned. He needs to further re-affirm street vending is illegal going forward and any revolting culprits should be dealt with severely!.

I am disappointed police today did act the way they normally do to UPND carders, these vendors must be taught how to abide by rules, yes we understand the difficulties they are going through but this is time for sacrifice, businesses have been affected so vendors must not think they are special.

I ask our president not to bow down, at times in life a leader has to make tough decisions for the common good of man ever if it means him losing popularity, we can not go back to that filthy again.

President Lungu,Hon.Mwale,Dr.chilufya and Lusaka City mayor, remember you have the support of well meaning Zambians, please do not give or be emotionally black mailed by these sponsored renegades.

Thumbs and May God give you wisdom as you look for solutions to make Zambia great again.

Larry L Mweetwa.



  1. Larry when did you start being nice to lungu? You have been so critical for lungu and in preference to HH and UPND. I saw an article you were praising Tasila a councillor for building a blocks of flats in less than two years which other councillors have failed even to build a toilet from their allowances and salaries. If I were lungu , I could be very careful not to bring Larry closer to me as they say a leopard does not change its spots. Sweet words are like warm air they do not comfort you for too long. Honest words are rich and knowledgeable as they enrich you to become wise. Larry is too faced and slippery to listen to.
    People in Kanyama are desperate and worried about where is there next meal coming from or rent. The govern must do more to help the needy and poor through providing foodstuff and clean water. Companies to fulfill their cooperate responsibilities in their operating societies / communities to stop another kanyama riot in other parties of the country. There is maize storages for and other foodstuff. The president must act on this issue regarding food.

  2. Pafwenamwine you v acted in a dull well. Its not about being good to mr Lungu but supporting what is good to the whole nation. This is not time to politic issues but to work together to clean up your dirty fellow uncaring zambians. Thumbs up Larry and move forward your excellence as Larry has advised.

  3. All well meaning Zambians must condemn the government for killing the kanyama people with hunger after closing the to temba Were their livelihood depends, ba Larry Stop that nonsense , is it because you yourself you have a job and your children are going to school and have something to eat? why are you selfish? Do you think they like being in the streets? Every one wants to have a good job or decent business, but what can they do they have a very uncaring government, so let them Express their grievances.


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