Rapper and entrepreneur William Leonard Roberts II aka Rick Ross has been hospitalized in Miami, after suffering what’s being reported as a potential heart attack, or possibly serious complications from pneumonia.

The maybach boss was taken to the hospital on Thursday morning, after initially being found unresponsive in his mansion. (He later woke, and was “combative” with authorities.)

He’s since been placed on a system known as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, typically used as a life support measure for people who’ve suffered either lung or heart failure that leaves them unable to properly oxygenate their own blood.

Ross, 42, has had a history of physical problems; he suffered a series of seizures in 2011 that raised some serious concerns about his health.

It’s not precisely clear what his prognosis is at the moment, though; at least one family member has denied that he was hospitalized at all, though it is believed he has been placed on the ECMO, a fairly invasive life-saving technique.

The rapper’s friend and label member, Fat Trel, has said that he’s talked to Ross, though, confirming that he’s in the hospital, but denying that he’s on “life support.



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