Clearly, the lack of intellectual depth and preparation prior to an interview by some interviewers on most local radio stations is a great injustice to the listeners and to a greater extent, largely to blame for the petty, uninformed and outrightly stupid public discourse on national affairs that has currently engulfed almost all media platforms in the country.

I’m inclined to believe that its either the journalism profession is dying or simply no longer exists or probably has been hijacked by quacks or wannabe journalists because how then does one justify the present general disregard for basic journalism rules and principles? If you went to journalism school like me, you will sniff the ill-preparedness and lack of depth of most interviewers on radio today even before the sig-tune fades away.

As journalists, I think owe it to ourselves and the nation to up our game and reclaim the profession before it goes into extinction. Also, media owners whether private or public have the responsibility to train and retrain their personnel if good and professional content has to be guaranteed and the current kerfuffle on the airwaves curtailed. I believe in self-criticism and the doctrine, which states that “…those who seek equity must come with clean hands”. Therefore, as journalists, we need to hold ourselves accountable first if we are to be the real fourth estate in our governance system.




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