Charles Milupi

WHETHER the PF likes it or not, there will be a petition if they try to rig the election results and declare a wrong person as the winner, says ADD president Charles Milupi.

Commenting on Attorney General Likando Kalaluka’s statement that the Constitution does not allow incumbent President Edgar Lungu to continue in office if his election is petitioned in court, Milupi said it was “nonsense” for anyone in the PF to argue with Kalaluka.

During a briefing, Kalaluka, however, clarified that the Head of State was mandated to continue in office if there was no clear winner in the first round of voting.

But the PF leadership and some supporters have condemned the statement issued by the President’s top legal advisor, saying he was inviting the opposition UPND to petition the ruling party’s possible election victory.

But Milupi, in an interview, said the UPND would petition the election results if the PF attempts to manipulate them.

[su_quote cite=”Milupi said.”]He is the chief legal advisor, not to the PF, but to the President of the Republic of Zambia. This PF government has not listened to him before, that is why they are in a mess considering the issue of the ministers continuing in office after dissolution of Parliament. He was very clear, very categorical when he said the Constitution does not allow it. But the President himself also as a lawyer said ‘I am also a lawyer, the Attorney General is wrong’. The Constitutional Court has confirmed what the Attorney General said. He is a professional who looks at matters not from a partisan point of view but in the interest of government,[/su_quote]

[su_quote]He was asked a question and he quoted what the Constitution says. I don’t see how anybody in his or her right mind can say he is wrong. The Constitution is very clear; Article 103 says that a person may within seven days of the declaration of the President-elect petition the Constitutional Court to nullify the results of the President-elect on grounds that the person has not been validly elected…now to come and accuse the Attorney General that perhaps he is urging the opposition to petition is utter nonsense.[/su_quote]

He said the UPND had enough legal resources in its leadership to handle legal matters.

Milupi said the PF should not worry about the Attorney General’s statement because the UPND had enough legal brains to know what to do in case the PF tried to rig the elections.

[su_quote cite=”Milupi said.”]If they try to rig, there will be a petition, that I can tell you. This is a Constitution that was passed by the PF themselves but they want to ignore it, just like they ignored it on the ministers continuing in office and now they have to pay all sorts of money. They have put themselves in unnecessary problems. The President swore to uphold the Constitution and these are the provisions of the Constitution, that where there is a petition, the President steps aside so that the courts of law can handle the matter,[/su_quote]

He said the PF had been careless in as far as the governance of the country was concerned.

Milupi also wondered why the Electoral Commission of Zambia was delaying in announcing election results.

He said Zambians knew what the PF was up to and that they would not accept any wrong results.

[su_quote cite=”said Milupi.”]Even the way their campaign was…only two people; the President and his vice, were supposed to use state resources, not the ministers. So there are enough reasons to petition not just the Attorney General’s statement. Let them not cheat themselves that they will go away with disobeying the Constitution,[/su_quote]



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