ZAMBIAN dancehall artist Brian Bwembya, popularly known as B-Flow, has given Daily Nation newspaper up to today in which to retract a story that quoted him attacking Pilato on his asylum.

In a letter to Daily Nation written by his manager Fay Sowden, B-flow stated that he was surprised to see a story in the newspaper when he had not issued any statement on the matter.

“In a recent article published on page 5 of The Daily Nation on January 30, 2018, it was reported that Brian ‘B Flow’ Bwembya made statements in relation to his fellow musician Fumba Chama also known as Pilato. Brian Bwembya wishes to refute the contents of the said article. He would like to state that he did not make the comments that the Daily Nation purports to have been made by him, neither was he interviewed by a named reporter,” B-Flow stated.

He stated that the publishing of false information was tantamount to defamation on the character of the person involved.

“It was with great disappointment that I read the article in the Daily Nation containing false statements that I have never made anywhere. Publishing false statements which cause harm to someone’s reputation is defamation. It is my expectation that the retraction will receive the same prominence as the original article did,” B-Flow stated.

B Flow has since told the Daily Nation Editor to print a retraction of the story by today, February 2.


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