In the photo the Litunga's daughters

The Barotse Royal family has expressed sadness at the rate of which some Royal family members are getting married to non-lozis.
The Royal has explained that, the want to bring sanity in the Royal family.
This people are killing our cultural and heritage.
The new law is targeting at princess, Mikwae who are in the habit of marrying foreigners. It’s too difficult to put their children in the system because the are from different cultural and for that we are not going to introduce the new law, of which the have already delivered to his Majesty the Litunga.
The law says, if you are born from the Royal family and you are princess, mukwae (Daughters, granddaughter , great granddaughter etc of Lewanika) you will be required to choose and marry your husband from the 35 ethnics group found in Barotseland failure to which you will definitely loose the title princess (mukwae).
A match which will cost the princess her royal status according to a law that highlights the male-dominated nature of Barotseland monarchy.
All benefits of Traditional land, Royal family meetings, and financially will all be forfeits.
Like all female Royal family members, a princess will forfeits her status upon marriage to a non-Lozi under a controversial tradition.
The law does not apply to royal males.