The Wages of SIN is Death, and of all SIN the Worst SIN is that of Adultery for it is the only Sin that is done inside the body.

In this pictures is the FQM Gentleman who was found red handed sleeping in another man’s house with his wife.

The husband suddenly returned home in Solwezi in the middle of the night from Lumwana mine, where he works as a miner, after returning unexpected, he found this man in his bed with his wife fast asleep.

He took some pictures then went to the kitchen and picked up a pounding stick, he returned to the bedroom and struck this man to his head spilling his brains off in a split of seconds. The wife just woke up to her rude shock in her nakedness of cheating her mate and her husband, her secret lover was no more.

The Husband in his bravely then pick up body of his wife’s lover, put it in his car and drove it straight to the police station and handed himself over! The body of the deceased is lying in Solwezi General Hospital mortuary!

This is what the unfaithful wife can drive a man to.


  1. even courts must learn to judge correctly.there bad judgment is also causing this.you catch your wife redhanded,u go to court ,the judgement goes in favour of the wife hence taking law into their own hands in frustration.

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  4. That’s not what really happened cause the guy killed is my uncles friend.
    Now the real story is that the husband of the woman has being given a house in Lumwana where he works but he has refused to move his family there so each day the woman complained about why the husband doesn’t want his family living with him in lumwana and has you know sometimes it might get lonely so the woman went to drink and came back with the guy who was also drunk, some people are saying that its the stepdaughter who called her father…….etc.

  5. kkkkkkkk @ gbola james ……. and have the strength to enter her house, by-pass the living room, into the bed room, undress and sleep on someone’s bed and wife?

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