Tongas are not TRIBALIST and today the matter has been put to rest the whole nation have seen who the real TRIBALIST are. This accusing finger of who the are TRIBALIST has been put to rest and from today own we don’t want to hear tonga this, Bemba cakuti cakuti. Let’s burry our past differences and move as one Zambia. Our chiefs have demonstrated how peaceful southerners are all we want is to see a United Zambia and move forward. One Zambia one Nation.

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  1. I don’t think you have the facts right no need to fingure point whose more tribal than the other….the vice is barbaric gentlemen period!

  2. I am massively troubled by the tribal tag always being peddled by the most known tribal characters in Zambia. I have often said that the Lozi people with 35 different dialects among them coupled with the most number of tribal cousins in the country are the most non tribal seconded by the Tonga’s . It is ridiculous to believe that those who do not speak or understand bemba language are tribalists. It is often reported that ,the Bwile speaking people, the ushi speaking people, the Linda speaking people of Mwata Kazembe,The bisa speaking people of chief Kopa,the lala speaking people so on and so forth, but when one goes in those areas none of the mentioned languages are spoken. All speak bemba ,where are the languages being mentioned. If you go to Nakonde ,people there speak Namwanga and if one says the Namwanga speaking people of Nakonde it will make sense because that is what it is. However they are not labeled as tribalists because speak bemba. The Tonga’s and Lozi by speaking their own language they are said to be tribal, what a heap of nonsense is that. Why should one abandon own tribe and language just to prove that he or she is not tribal, what type of weird is thinking is that. I find those who accuse others to be tribal as more of tribalists and intellectually bankrupt idiots. Further if a Lozi or a Tonga insists on accountability, he will be labelled as being stingy and will be hated,but who says theft or misuse of common resources is the right way of living. Kaunda trusted the Lozi people and appointed many of them as controlling officers in positions of Permanent Secretaries and all the thieves cried foul. Does it make sense to assign a monkey to look after a maize field. The answer is a big No. Where is the the tribal tag emanate from if it is not refusal to steal,loot and abuse common resources. Yes I know Tongas through one single individual mentioned UPND to be led by a Tonga,of course historically Tonga people have been giving away leadership from the time of Nkumbula for the purpose of unity. Is it wrong to say comrades you have been too long on this throne and you have blundered, allow us to show you the right way governance is done. I don’t see any tribalism in such a humble request. Service to the people should not be converted into self enrichment, No.Corruption is high now because everyone thinks taxpayers money is for looting and if one civilized individual rejects that notion, he is called all sorts of names, why. We know some in some tribes theft,embezzlement and freelance looting is embedded in their genes and we say No. There is no one who was born to steal as a means of survival. The main tribalists in Zambia are the Easterners. The Bemba’s are but selfish people who want everyone to approve their thieving in their language. That is why people of Luapula have completely forgotten or abandoned their ethnicity roots in preference to being captured by bembas. You can’t claim to be a Mwata as Lunda but know nothing about the language,customs and mannerisms of the great Lunda people.

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