Lately, I have been thinking about Kalusha Bwalya. First of all, it is such a joy to see him at new Liberian President George Weah’s inauguration. There are some great lessons to learn about true friendship and destiny.

Today a Footballer is governing a nation. It means God can give greatness to any human being, regardless of their background. Secondly, Kalu’s loyalty to his friend teaches us that when we are loyal to our friends, we stand a good chance of being part of a great future. One of Kalusha’s strengths is his spirit of appreciating others. I have seen him appreciate a lot of people (including me) for their efforts in life. Not every successful Zambian possesses this important attribute because many of them want to be hero-worshipped; many want to be appreciated yet they can’t appreciate others. Good leaders are those who allow others to shine.

Kalu has kept in touch with his old friends over the years while working hard. Owing to this, I’m not surprised that George Weah did not forget to invite him. When I was a child, my mother used to scold me for making my white t-shirts dirty because whenever Kalu was playing, I would get a piece of charcoal and paint the back of my t-shirt with the number 11. I guess mum never understood that I was trying to tap into the anointing of a hero. That’s how much I have been inspired by Great Kalu.

I never even knew that his name was Kalusha. We used to call him “Kalwisha” because of his perseverance on the pitch, so we thought his parents named him Kalwisha Bwalya. When Kalu gets the ball, we would shout “Lwisha, Lwisha, Lwisha”. I pray that Zambia learns to acknowledge and appreciate the greatness that God placed in Kalu’s life. I have been to countries where I meet people who say the only thing they know about Zambia is that it is the country where you find Kalusha Bwalya and Dr Kenneth Kaunda. Let us celebrate this great man!


  1. Kalusha also love lavish life in the process he gets too corrupt because he has to maintain the artificial life style. We need to celebrate selfless people not selfish ones. B flow go to Obama your friend and have a coffee with him and shut up. Thank you.

  2. Only people that detest seeing some one successful will hate positive attributes in B Flow Kalu and many other unsung heroes of the land.


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