RENOWNED Lusaka based clergyman Bishop Billy Mfula has revealed that he is still single because he made a covenant with God not to marry until his ministry reaches a certain stage.

Bishop Mfula, who turned 37 year old last March is the overseer of a fast growing church called Jesus Anointed Ministries (JAM) which has several branches around the country. It is this ministry that Bishop Mfula has been overseeing for the past 13 years without ‘Amai Busa.’

But in an interview, the soft spoken Bishop Mfula explained that he will soon marry.
“I had my own private vows with God as to what extent I wanted to work and bring the ministry to before I marry and settle,” explained Bishop Mfula.

Bishop Mfula also explained that his decision to stay single for the time being is fully backed by the Bible. He cited Apostle Paul in the Bible whom he said was not married despite being actively involved in the kingdom business.

Said Bishop Mfula: “I have run the ministry as a single pastor for some time and I appreciate God for His Grace that He has seen me grow the ministry this far.If I have done ministry and it has grown this far as a single man, meaning the day I marry it should even grow much more.”

“I have been very much concerned with ministry. I have given it more time because that time that should be shared with family, I have used some of that time into ministry and to be able to grow the ministry to where it has reached today.

“I have learnt to maximize singleness for maximum results because you don’t have to look at it as a curse or a problem but as a privilege to do what you can do to the best of your ability,” he said.
Bishop Mfula also revealed that despite not being marrried, he happens to be a very good marriage counsellor.

“I have counseled many married couples and those that I have counseled, I count no divorce. Many of them are happily married,” he said.

Asked by this reporter how he manages to counsel couples despite not having any marriage experience, Bishop Mfula responded: “ It’s not everything that you have to experience for you to be able to teach it. Some things you know them by revelation from God’s word and you are able to educate people.”
On temptations, Bishop Mfula said any pastor whether married or single does get tempted saying what will make a pastor overcome temptation and sin is his fear for God.

And Bishop Mfula explained that effective running of a ministry has nothing to do with the marital status of a pastor saying what really counts is the grace of God on that pastor.

The clergyman also refuted claims from some sections of society that the ministry of a long time umarried pastor like him is likely to fall when he marries. “Others say that the day a single pastor marries then the church dies, no. I believe it will even grow because God adds grace and two are better than one,” he noted.