Good Governance Activists McDonald Chipenzi has charged that both Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo and Lands Minister Jean Kapata behavior was worse off than the 47 UPND Members of Parliament who walked out or boycotted the Presidential address and so they must be suspended from national assembly sittings.

Chipenzi said that they have degraded the house, dishonoured it and lowered it’s decorum.

He added that their conduct promote gender based violence and indispicable.

Chipenzi said that it is also a testimony that these ministers may have been the ones sponsoring violence in this country as their exhibition in the house indicts the ruling party’s violent status.

“This will be test paper for Mr.Speaker. They have lowered the dignity and decorum of the house,we will be watching the action by the Speaker from now on this matter”He said.

Chipenzi added that if it is established that indeed the duo assaulted Chishimba Kambwili, President Lungu must move in and fire them.

He said that they have projected a very biserk behavior which must be intolerable under a Christian nation and under a Christian leader.

” The Zambian people are watching at both the President and the Speaker’s reaction on the matter”Chipenzi anxiously said.


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