Kaminamisa Edgar Lungu has called for fasting and prayers for 7 days against cholera.

Fasting and prayers will start on Monday until Sunday.

In the said days, people are not expected to bath and eat said Lungu through religious affairs minister.


  1. Don’t bother God. He is busy sorting out problems that beyond human ability to resolve. God gave you brains and resources to solve your everyday problems. You abuse both after stealing all the resources you want to mock God that he didn’t give you enough. Stupid thieves. God will indeed punish you. Now you start insulting the dead. King don’t cheat yourself can never be half of what Levy was…iwe koswe

  2. Mwilashentenka lesa mwebanandi, lesa tabepwa, alasebanya lingiline panchinso chabantu,

    Stop playing with God. Just sort out the dirt in the country.

  3. Let NOT POVERTY FACILITATORS (PF),use the Name of God in vain.-Maybe they should call for REPENTANCE.The Leadership have committed alot of sins-injustices,Corruption-stealing from Zambian people,thinking that Church has no role in Economic progress of Zambia,but bars to keep ‘economic wheels’-etc.They say Zambia is a christian nation,but yet basically removing God from the country’s economic activities-what a spiritial blunder

  4. The days if prayers and tasting meaning its time for looting and exporting mukula logs and milking the remaining ngwees in the government coffers. Lesa amfwa abayamfwa. Prayers with a heart full of hatred is just a crocodile tears. KOSWE mumpoto

  5. Whoever will be part of the nonsense must have half a brain.Cholera and the economic malaise we now face are as a result of the incompetence of Lungu and PF and if Lungu is serious is not happy with the way things are the solution is not prayer but for him to resign.

  6. There is no need to pray for the rains, Lusaka expects rains on Tuesday and Wednesday, no one should lie that, because of the prayers, that’s why it has rained.
    Pastor Musumaili and your Christian for Lungu get this straight.

  7. Before partition of the African continent a missionaries came with the bibles and introduced the gospel of Jesus Christ. The purpose was good but the motive behind was totally wrong as our fore father’s closed their eyes in prayer the gospel Sowers were busy partioning the continent, giving information to their nations as which part of the continent contains what mineral. We should not be fooled,God intervens from a point where human mind and power fails , not where you create a calamity through theft then, you turn around say let us seek God’s face.confess and resitute that which has been rooted from the land.


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