Dictator Edgar Lungu has this evening ordered that all the Police Officers that have been deployed in the Chilanga local government by elections be suspended with immediate effect for stopping a group of PF thugs that were in buses going to hack the UPND campaign team this afternoon.

The PF officials led by former PF Chilanga Constituency Chairman Simon Sunge reported the police officers to Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo who is also the PF chief thug that police officers refused to follow presidential directives to hack the UPND team.

Kampyongo immediately told dictator Edgar Lungu that the police officers deployed to Chilanga have stopped bus loads of PF thugs carrying Pangas, machetes and axes who were going to attack the UPND campaign team.

This annoyed Lungu and has since ordered that the police officers pack the vehicles and stop patrolling immediately and allow the PF thugs to takeover security in the area.

The police officers have all been put on immediate suspension this evening for stopping what could have been bloodshed in Chilanga.

The UPND campaign team had applied for a police notification to hold a final campaign rally this afternoon and police allowed them in accordance with the Public Order Act.

But after the PF heard of the UPND rally, they mobilised themselves in buses from town centre to go and attack the UPND rally.

But quick action by police officers patrolling the Chilanga by election in Kalundu area prevented mayhem.

The PF thugs were further repelled by the UPND team on the ground, a situation that annoyed the PF thugs and reported to Kampyongo through Sunge.

Kampyongo then told Lungu who ordered that the police officers be grounded and suspended from duty and allow the PF thugs to patrol and even deliver ballot boxes this evening.

All this is happening when Lungu is busy hoodwinking and cheating the local and international bodies that he means peace and stands for dialogue in the country.


  1. That is typical of ECL. He is a hypocrite pretending to negotiate peace with HH under Commonwealth Mediation. Whoever believes that ECL is negotiating in good faith is out of his mind. ECL is procrastinating to prolong his illegal stay in power. Sadist and Dictator Lungu should be forced to Hear the Presidential Petition. With the Kenyan precedent all Foreign Observers who observed Zambia’s 2016 Election should tell Lungu that he is illegitimate until the Petition is heard in Court and he is declared Winner and duly elected President. The ball is in Lungu’s Court. Sanctions are coming.

  2. Please UPND don’t allow PF thugs to harass you again without hitting back. Be it at rallies or funerals, always be ready for any eventuality. Moreover plan your rallies in such a way that when these enemies attack, they are hit with the hardest punch. They are men and you are men too. No need to cry because no one will save you apart from yourselves.

  3. Lungu is a scared president who has little following. Even his ministers don’t support him he is a dictator in sheep’s skin. And he has organised prayers for reconciliation. Who is Lungu? … Moslim pipo who love bloodshed.

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