Linda Kasonde
Linda Kasonde(LAZ President), the woman who beat president Edgar Lungu and his mob of illegal ministers and empty tins such as Sunday Chanda. Because of this woman, huge sums of public money has been saved from people that have been masquerading as ministers.

Kelvin Bwalya Fube has withdrawn the motion to impeach Linda Kasonde and the current LAZ executive.

This was after a majority of LAZ members debated against the impeachment motion, saying they would rather be disbanded by parliament than be cowed down by threats from politicians.

KBF then said to foster unity, he was withdrawing the motion.

Earlier LAZ members assembled at Radison Blu Hotel to vote for or against the current LAZ executive.

A motion was raised by lawyer Terrence Chabu, demanding that the LAZ executive must not chair the Extraordinary General Meeting because they may be conflicted, as they were facing a vote of no confidence.

But the floor took the view that the LAZ rules were clear that only the executive can chair such a meeting.


Lawyer Augustine Hamwela then raise a preliminary issue against the proposed vote of no confidence, arguing that the Law Association of Zambia Rules do not provide for the Law Association of Zambia executive to leave office through a vote of no confidence.

He argued that Rule 10 of the LAZ rules states that the executive stays for 2 years and that they can only vacate office on prescribed grounds including insanity and bankruptcy.

LAZ president Linda Kasonde who is chairing the meeting still allowed the motion to go ahead.

KBF, the mover of the motion then proposed that the matter is taken to arbitration.

And later withdrew the motion.



  1. Yeah we are proud of you dear so proud. Thank you lawyers and thank you Linda 4 allowing the debate which was not favouring you. That’s democracy when you allow people 2 speak their mind

  2. Congratulations Linda for pulling through their dragnet. Zambia under the PF leadership is an endangered species. It has lost its national character through the arm twisting tactics/bad governance of the PF. We need women and men of integrity like you to put the nation on the right track. Keep up the good work. You have our full support!

  3. My dea lady cograts actualy i wish u can demote o these judges hu a corupt.anyway evrythg has got ts on tym.what ever u use fo ur friend t ll b used n u as well.madam u a such a woman

  4. Ba Zambia destroying institutions of Good governance, guys this is dangerous especially in the commonwealth group please let’s play dirt tricks out side these institutions.

  5. I knew, you cant win a clean game such as this one if at some point you wokeup a highcourt judge at 03hrs and both of you went to open hightcourt offices just to have a frivolous document in the name of injunction signed and date stamped just to disadvantage the other group at 08:30hrs the same day. This is un-ethical for a learned fool KBF. Its better to live a honourable life of if at eating delele than eating T-Bone from the high table while unddressing your profession like the co-court judges.Foolish beings.

  6. Congratulation Linda and your team. You stance in legal circles is bright. You can make a good Chief Justice given an opportunity. Keep it up Lady with YOUR uncompromizing stance in pertinent issues that affects the poor. God bless you guys in your carrier. Don’t be destructed by wolfs crying in wilderness.

  7. Stand firm, l was happy to hear that you have won again, the fight started in the party, went to the post news paper, laz to the opposition and again to laz, where is our democracy, where has it gone, is someone sitting upon it.


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