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BREAKING NEWS…. Kampamba Meets Attorney General And Agrees To Meet HH’s Lawyers To Bribe Them And Drop The 12,996 Votes They Stole From HH

Kampamba Mulenga

Zambian Eagle is flying along the thieves of HH’s votes who are now panting all over in Lusaka.

Kampamba Mulenga and Mwalilino have now regrouped in Lusaka and they are just from the Attorney General’s office in a hot meeting which we also attended.

In that meeting it was resolved that the two thieves of votes for HH secretly meets some disgruntled UPND lawyers as Lungu has released a lot of money to bribe them so that the unearned 12,996 votes story is stopped forthwith as it arms HH’s petition claims.

But we wonder why prostitute Kampamba Mulenga and thief Mwalilino, Lungu and AG would want to see HH’s lawyers as though they are the ones who revealed how votes were buried.

Anyway as Zambian Eagle that is non of our business, and we don’t care whether they meet UPND lawyers or not for a corruption deal but we shall make sure they go down together with Lungu.

Right now these two thieves of votes have left the AG’ s office and are looking for UPND lawyers and they later plan to hold a press briefing should HH lawyers refuse.

Details later….