Zambian Eagle can confirm that PF highest s*x bidder and illegal Information Minister Kampamba Mulenga yesterday after being exposed that she stole HH ‘s votes while working together with UPND 2016 disgruntled parliamentary candidate Everisto Mwalilino, she went round government institutions to ensure that Journalists exposing Lungu, Rupiah Banda, Everisto Mwalilino and other thieves are arrested or licences revoked.

Just yesterday alone, Kampamba and Mwalilino went to ZIPAR, IBA and State House, and Attorney General offices in order to make sure the story related to stealing and burrying of HH votes is stopped.

Now, Zambian Eagle has just picked a letter from IBA offices which has been copied to State House, AG, and Prime Television, clearly stating that Lungu, Kampamba and Mwalilino will now close Prime Television.

According to the letter the owner of Prime Television is being summoned by a committe put up by Dictator Edgar Lungu, Rupiah Banda, Kampamba and Mwalilino.

Zambian Eagle will attend this meeting which is coming up on Monday and will publish audio I the meeting.

We are also in possession of recordings regarding what was resolved by these thieves and that includes on how they were stealing and buying HH’s votes in Kalulushi, Kanyama, Matero, Mandevu, Chingola, and several other places.

See the letter above as we have just picked it right from IBA offices, by the way today it’s weekend but we will are flying high and higher until we stop these prostitutes, drunkards and thieves.



  1. #Watchdog at The PF regime through the so called Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has summoned Prime Television Chief Executive Officer Gerald Shawa for alleged breach of License conditions.

    According to a letter dated October 6, 2017 and signed by IBA Director General Josephine Mapoma.

    Mr. Shawa has been ordered to appear before the Licensing Committee at 10.30 hours in the IBA boardroom on Monday 9 October 2017.

    IBA is currently squatting at the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation Offices but does not regulate ZNBC.

    ZNBC is probably the world’s most useless broadcasting station.

  2. Whatever the case….these PF thugs aint immortal…..manje manje bayenda…let them behave in this manner as the days are counting…We shall use military force to prosecute them

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