Typical of unruly PF cadres, they have now started warning the Zimbabwean Army General that he will be brutalized by youths should he oust Dictator Mugabe.

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Zanu PF Youth: General Chiwenga Must Shut Up

40 minutes ago

Zanu PF Youth League secretary Kudzayi Chipanga says General Constantino Chiwenga, who issued a warning to Zanu PF and the government on Monday threatening that the army will intervene to stop friction within the ruling party, should shut up and confine the country’s soldiers in the barracks. (AP)


  1. As long as there is no bloodshed l agree with the commander in Zim. Mugabe family has taken the country like their personal property. Many people are suffering in that country. No sober minded person can support or associate himself/herself with people like Mugabe

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