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Amos Chanda - Special assistant to the president for press and public relations


Nyimba, (Wednesday, 3th December, 2018)

President Lungu has made the following changes, and the reshuffles are with immediate effect.

President Lungu has instructed Secretary to Cabinet Dr. Roland Msiska, to make the necessarily adjustments and arrangements in accordance with the changes.

At State House President Lungu has replaced State House Political and Economic Advisors with Kelvin Fube and Highvie Hamududu respectively. He has also appointed Mr Bonny Kapeso as new Inspector General of Police, with Mr Kakoma Kanganja being sent to head the Ethiopian Mission in Addis.

-President Lungu has retained the Ministry of Agriculture to himself as Cabinet Minister

-Hon. Vincent Mwale becomes Foreign Affairs Minister

– Hon. Jean Kapata becomes new Gender Minister

– Hon. Rosaria Fundanga new minister of Higher Education

-Hon. Freedom Sikazwe becomes Minister of Labour

-Nominated MP Christopher Mvunga becomes new Presidential Affairs Minister

-Charles Banda becomes new Eastern Province Minister

-Dr Jonas Chanda becomes new Minister of Tourism

-Mulenga Kampamba becomes new Water Devt, Environment & Sanitation

-Nominated MP Rapheal Nakachinda becomes new Broadcasting Minister

-Hon. Given Lubinda becomes Minister of Minister of National Development and Planning

-Hon. Makebi Zulu becomes new Minister Of Justice

-Nominated MP Frank Bwalya becomes new Minister for Religious Affairs

-Hon. Ronald Chitotela becomes new Minister Of Local Govt

-Hon. Doreen Mwape becomes new Minister of Lands

-Hon. Joe Malanji becomes new Minister Of Infrastructure and Housing

Apart from addressing some administrative changes, the President is yet expected to later in the day announce changes to the Party Central Committee in his capacity as Patriotic Front Party President. The changes include the relieving of Mr Samuel Mukupa from Chairmanship of the ruling Party in the interest of unifying the party and in preparation for the forthcoming proposed party indaba.

The moved individuals should double up their efforts and make considerable improvements in their work ethics, productivity and ensure strict performance monitoring for the benefit of the Zambian people.

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  1. One thinks that reshuffles are meant to correct the wrongs and move forward smoothly, nay, here, you replace an incompetent PIG and relace him with a more incompetent and biased PIG. I cannot imagine how Zambia will be under Kapeso the cadre. As to the quality of ministers ati ba Kachinda, you move 100 steps backwards from bena Lusambo. Indeed it is a miss in totality. Where is Kaizer?

  2. What a load of rubbish. Lungu is so dull mwebantu. This dull mediocre koswe mumpoto has to resign immediately. Reshuffles, what reshuffles? We are being led by thieves. From stealing votes to stealing mukula trees. Ati the president.

  3. It is rather late for any damage control. Image building has come rather late when irreversible damage has already taken root .Koswe Mumpoto has brought with it unbearable outcomes and open resentment by many.No amount of reshuffles will change anything. I now agree that PF and its leadership is being troubled to rule the country. When fart has been unleashed there no other way to control the smell.

  4. Doris is she dumped. Jean Kapata must be the first to drop but madam mukula logs is there to supply corruption and maintain the supply chain

    • The way the” COOKIE CRUMBLES”: The PF is only a matter of time. Remember King BERLUSAZAR in the BIBLE?

  5. It is academic. Political will to selflessly serve the electorate is not there. Chipantepante chabe!

  6. 3rd December 2018
    People are dreaming please get the basics right the date of reshuffle is so wrong some won’t even be around then that’s politics at its worse.

    By the way where is Dora Siliya? Jean kapata went to Germany for safe planet conference, but keeps cutting the trees was a waist of public funds.

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