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BREAKING NEWS….Yes We Stole HH’ s 12,996 Votes In Kalulushi And Burried Them Says Kampamba Mulenga And Mwalilino

As Zambian Eagle has been reporting that Dictator Edgar Lungu and PF Information Minister Kampamba Mulenga stole the UPND Presidential votes in 2016, true to our reporting today Kampamba Mulenga has agreed to having stolen HH’s votes.

UPND 2016 Kalulushi constituency Candidate Everisto Mwalilino sold HH’s votes at K21,000 and later on this very Candidate sold his parliamentary petition at K360,000.

One of the witnesses who signed the HH vote selling agreement has come out in open and told the Media that HH won in Kalulushi but that the UPND parliamentary candidate connived with Kampamba Mulenga and sold the votes.

“Kampamba Mulenga lost the elections, Mwalilino the UPND candidate won but he sold the votes to Kampamba including the petition, so I challenge the two to sue me if am lying because am ready for them and I will produce the evidence, and Kampamba, KBF, Rupiah Banda, and several others were involved in buying HH’s votes which were given to Kampamba and made her winner, over petition, Mwalilino(the UPND PARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATE) sold it because Kampamba didn’t want to lose power,” said the witness named Wana Chiyengi.

This is a developing story and Zambian Eagle will follow it with keen interest, we shall soon upload videos of the witnesses explaining how Kampamba and Lungu didn’t win in Kalulushi.