There was Laughter in the Choma Local Court when a man demanded that his wife returns his underwears which mysteriously disappeared if she wants to reconcile with him.
Byta FM Court beat specialist reports that this is in a matter in which Gloria Saiwele (32), of Mochipapa now staying in Chandamali with her mother has sued Enoch Makokwa (39), a Nutritionist at World Vision for reconciliation.


Saiwele narrated that the two got married in 2008 and have a One year Six months old baby.


She however accused her husband of being a womanizer who fails to support his child because of his uncontrollable alcohol consumption and that he has not been making love with her since September 2017 and when she questions him about his behaviour, he threatens to shoot her with his gun.


Saiwele further told the court that at one point her husband disappeared from home for over 36 days and only appeared on 29th December, 2017 forcing her to move to her mother’s house as she is unemployed.


She narrated that her husband gave his mother two vehicles they have acquired in marriage and she also got some household property and equipment they had bought to open a stationery shop in Monze.


However, Makokwa testified that his wife seems undecided about what she wants between marriage and prostitution because she patronizes clubs at odd hours leaving her baby with only the maid.


Makokwa also claimed that his wife cannot come up with a proper home budget but enjoys bringing her relatives from Chandamali to finish the food meant the child.


This, according to Makokwa, is why he decided that they should move into a one room apartment so that the wife’s relatives could stop visiting them.


On supporting his child, Makokwa made it clear to the court that he cannot be sending money knowing that he will also be feeding other people’s unplanned children.
He further seriously told the court but in a comical manner that the first step to reconciliation can only be initiated once his property and underwears are brought back to him and physically shown to the court sending the audience into laughter as his wife obliged to his request.


However, the wife emphasized that she loved him while Makokwa stated that he was not sure whether he loved her or not.


Magistrate Siachitema sitting with Magistrate Mulonda Mulonda advised the parents of the couple who were present in the court to sit the duo down and try to reconcile them, then return on the 26th January, 2018 to court.





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