Vincent Chaile


Who ever is advising govt or who ever is advising Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya must be out of his mind. What a hell boasting around that they have closed down Hungry Lion, Pick and Pay and other food outlets.

Government should realise that our economy is too infant or too small to be using emotions when handling such. Cholera is out of hand. You cannot be closing down such outlets like tu ntemba in streets.

Dr Chitalu should know that the bacteria that causes cholera vibrio cholerae is a very weak organism and part of its structure is composed of protein. Once the bacteria is exposed to certain temperature or heat, the protein gets denatured. That’s why health personals always encourage us to boil the water all the time, or warm our food before we ingest it.

All what the govt needed to do was to strengthen precautions in all food selling shops and outlets than close them down e.g. all food be sold warm or hot, workers wash hands every time and of course improve the general cleanliness in and around the shops. Period.

The other mistake the government made was to destabilise the health sector which is the most sensitive ministry. Whoever is close to the President Edgar Lungu please advice him accordingly.

Those workers you fired and retired on national interest because they were perceived as pro opposition actually most of them were the most qualified and experienced to handle such disasters like cholera. Now that they were replaced with cadres and unexperienced individual I see cholera to get worse and worse. ..

Vincent Chaile

President radical revolutionary party RRP



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