Chinese officials and meat industry is under heat after reports that the country has been marinating human cadavers, putting them in cans and then selling them in African supermarkets.

China have been processing human meat. The grisly images of human meat being processed, went viral on social media.

The post was picked up by Zambia’s Daily Post, among others, which published a report saying: “One cannot deny the possibilities (sic) of this being true since we all know that the Asians are among the largest population in the entire world.

“Since China is so overpopulated to a point where there is no space to spit, what do they do with the dead bodies of the Chinese? Well the answer might be that they are shipping the bodies to Africa in the form of canned meat, and they make a profit during the process.”

Yang Youming, China’s ambassador to Zambia, released a statement saying: “Chinese using human meat to make corned beef and selling it to Africa. This is completely strange but not shocking” he said in a statement.

“The government of Zambia will make sure that relevant government authorities will take up the investigations and give a comprehensive statement,” he said.

Zambia is among African countries selling human meat in shop-rite and other supermarkets disguised as beef.




  1. And these are so much revered friends who can do this.Surely why should Zambians be subjected to cannibalism the practice they have never done or known to do in their lifetime. What a crude way of doing business. My God I hope this is not true.

  2. fucked up chinese fools. i wonder if God is the one who created them coz this breed eats all sorts of things, dogs, snakes, frogs, cockroaches among others maybe na humans, u make me vomit…


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