Reports from Mazabuka Southern Province indicate that s*x workers in the district are allegedly avoiding attending to men that are circumcised as they ‘take too long’ during s*xual encounters and that this is bad for their business.

Studies have shown that men who are circumcised prolong s*xual encounters than those that are not.

MARCH Zambia, a non-governmental organisation dealing with HIV/AIDS programmes, said the s*x workers complain of losing out on business when they encounter men who are circumcised than those that are not as it is ‘short time’ on the latter.

Meanwhile, several circumcised men in Mazabuka have admitted being stranded se*ually after S*x Workers’ Association of Mazabuka (SEWAM), resolved not to be attending to circumcised men. Representing the circumcised men, Henry Nyanga said it it was sad that s*x workers decided to start refusing having s*x with circumcised men. Ironically, Mr Nyanga called on the government to intervene in the matter and prevent s*x workers from discriminating against such men.

“We all want s*x, and it is extremely unfair for some of us (circumcised men) to be discriminated against due to our circumcised man hood”, he said. “We are all Zambians, we need to enjoy our rights also”, said Mr Nyanga furiously.


    • elo fyabufi fye ifi…circumcision is just blown out of proportion…bonse we are circumcised…pipo shud stop exerggerating circumcision.

  1. But when you think of it, every part of the body was created for a purpose. Now why amputation of parts which don’t disturb you. Yes nails and hair May be of no use if overgrown but surely why cut the foreskin and clitoris? Don’t they have a purpose. Walking with head rubbing against obstacles. Some say because of hygiene, what hygiene? Do you walk with a knife unfolded in you pocket.

  2. Awe ififyena fyabupuba,there are a lot of serious things to do in life.How do you even complain over useless things like these,Ba Nyanga just have no wisdom my brother,you need serious prayers.

  3. Just like the petauke evil , son in law impregnates mother in law ,! Sodom and Gomorrah days are here , ! Repent children of men , flee to the mountains with lot and his family , never look back , lest u turn into that pillar of salt ? Friends Christ is coming soon . Nyenga or Nyanga , u are a big fool .

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