After being exposed for attempting to convene an illegal annual general meeting, FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has changed course and is reportedly planning to revert to the old constitution to summon the 2018 indaba.

Football councillors and observers recently exposed the failure by the FAZ secretariat to properly convene the 2018 AGM as determined by their new constitution.

Kamanga and his executive committee met at the weekend and resolved to still hold the meeting on March 31 but instead of going by the amended constitution, they have chosen to revert to the old system that will mean calling all the councillors countrywide.

The FAZ constitution was amended last year to reduce the AGM to a reasonable 120 delegates from the over 700 that had made the meeting almost impossible to deliberate.

Kamanga and his colleagues have struggled to administer the FAZ secretariat with the latest development a tipping point.

“It looks like the president does not know what to do. There is a lot of try and error which is not working out. Now the AGM will be held under the old constitution when we passed a new one.

“No one is sure of what we are doing. We are trying to come up with an explanation but it will be a lame excuse,” a source familiar with the development has told Zambia Reports.

FAZ has set March 31 for the 2018 AGM. The meeting was supposed to be organised under the new constitution but implementation of the regulations have been poor.

Former vice-president Richard Kazala and Blackwell Siwale will also have an opportunity for their case in which they were expelled to be re-tabled and be heard.

The sources disclosed Kamanga is also planning to dish out the promised K5, 000 to each club, soccer jerseys and footballs to sway any possible support that Kazala and Siwale may enjoy.


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