Constitutional Court Judges

The Constitutional Court has pushed further the day for the ruling on the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu for the 2021 elections.

Four opposition political parties aligned to the Patriotic Front led by Daniel Pule filed a motion in the Constitutional Court to determine the eligibility of President Lungu following a debate ignited by the Head of State making his availability to be on the ballot for the third time.

The Constitutional Court has pushed the matter to January 23, 2018.

Movers of the motion had been pushed in the cold after their lawyers from Mweemba Chashi and Company withdrew from representing them.

The Patriotic Front through its secretary general has stepped in to offer legal support and applied to engage lawyers on behalf of the petitioners.

President Lungu has made it clear he will be offering himself for re-election in 2021 with his critics throwing spanners in his bid.

The bid has created some ripples within and outside the ruling party with some hopefuls fearing their ambitions have been thwarted.


  1. Lungu is putting himself as master of all activities in Zambia, God Forbids, Zambia is for All Zambians. Our Forefathers made a big mistake to allow the white man to form One Country, Zambia, from Two Countries, Northwestern Rodesia and Northeastern Rodesia.

  2. They are wasting their time. What the Con Court needs to do is interpret the Constitution as it is as now. Those Lawyers left because there is nothing to argue about lest they show their ignorance hence a disclaimer from representing a failed cause. The petition needs to be heard, they wasting time like they wasted during the petition 10 days that was considered.


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