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Court hears that Benos asked God to bring back Malambo after allegedly stubbing him

THE Lusaka High Court has heard that murder-accused Tshabu Benos prayed to God to bring back her alleged lover businessman Reeves Malambo to life after she allegedly stabbed him. In this case, Benos is accused of killing Malambo, who was proprietor of Auto Force, on January 29 this year but she pleaded not guilty.

Testifying in the matter before judge-in-charge Gertrude Chawatama this morning, Constable Kabuku Mutumwa, the arresting officer, said the accused told police officers that Malambo wanted to stab her with a knife but that she managed to grab it and threw it at him.

Mutumwa said Benos was heard praying that God should bring Malambo back to life. He also testified how he and other officers proceeded to Ibex Hill on January 29, 2017, when he received a call that a male adult was stabbed in the area. Mutumwa said the team was told that the victim was rushed to the hospital but that they found him dead when they got there.

He said they then asked Benos’s brother, Mumba Mutanuka, what had happened and he told the officers that he broke into the sister’s room after hearing noise but found Malambo lying on the floor.

The police witness said the accused was then taken to the police station where she was charged with murder.

Mutumwa said he never saw injuries on Benos as she appeared okay.
Hearing continues on October 13.