Imelda Lubasi

Dear men;

When you look at various women , there is always something that you can admire until you wish to sleep with her, something different from your wife’s. May be it is boobs especially if she is yet to breast feed, may be it is hips, may be it is her lips , may be it is her complexion, may be it is her voice etc.
If you think you can keep going for every woman you desire; you will never have enough because every woman has something desirable. It is like going into a hotel with all types of foods and you decide you want to eat all foods , you will just end up sick.

No one gets enough of wine if you think you can mix all wines, the best way to enjoy wine is to drink just one type that you really love and enjoy it forever.

Staying faithful has little to do with your woman, it has everything to do with you as a man. It is upon you to make a decision to stay faithful for the sake of the woman you love. It is up to you to treat one woman like a queen. A kingdom with more than one queen is divided and soon it will fall.

Loving a million women amounts to nothing but loving one woman in a million ways makes you great. There is a lot of happiness in faithfulness. It is so fulfilling to love one woman above all women . A rolling stone gathers no moss, and a man who keeps wandering from one women into another never finds true happiness in life…… Make a happy home my brother’s…….

Imelda Lubasi


  1. that’s great story God bless you mama continue with the same spirit of educating us in this world your beautiful has a meaning in God’s hand take care of your life live longer my dia thanks.

    • Their dress has nothing to do with your life if you don’t want to sleep with her even if she undress you can’t sleep with her. Go to UK woman walk in parents but tekubatola nga amasuku .

  2. Thanks, men have problem, their way of life when it comes to women is bad. I wonder if they read their bibles, Joseph saw potiphar’s wife in her neckedness and he did not sleep with her, she beautiful. Our men say the way she dressed was the what mead me to sleep with the girl , a 2 years old.

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  4. You did not just speak by your self my dear, this are God’s inspired words.. Continue blessing others in this way as you can see how many souls you have won just on one posting (including myself).However,remember to walk the talk as i believe God’s spirit is upon you. Kelly

  5. Nice one Imelda though your appearance in this picture may again prompt men to desire you again even after reading you good article. Next time try a nice office skirt suite. Cheers and keep encouraging!

  6. on this one you have to do more, otherwise they are so many not only beautiful but also caring women out there. after all it’s on humanitarian grounds that men extends their love.wat about culture? can u preach that in Southern province, Zambia & to the tumbukas?

  7. Good advise… but tell the Women to behave themselves.. to have respect to their Husbands if they are to be treated like Queens!!!

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  10. And that is why I have promised myself never to cheat on my wife,for even listening to those who change women they are never satisfied in anyway,they still want more

  11. Well said dear its really encouraging and educating, but on the contrary some women also contribute more to their men chasing for side chicks due to their bad behaviour and attitude.

  12. If some women thought like you think, I don’t these naughty men may be flying from one woman to another because they told off instantly. Thank you for the food for thought. Always fly high in your thoughts and make a difference.

  13. Yes it is true but even women are the same because men do not sleep with themselves. Problem men and women are so immoral.

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