PF teacher

Information has emerged in Northern Province where a named DEBS almost picked up a fight with his Planner today over forged certificates.

Those familiar with the development have disclosed that the DEBS had information on the same even before Teaching Council of Zambia announced that some teachers forged certificates to get jobs in government. They’ve revealed that the DEBS castigated the Teaching Council of Zambia that it has brought confusion in the teaching fraternity.

“There was pandemonium here at the education offices between ba DEBS naba Planner over this issue yama fake results, it’s like the Planner has a clue that the boss has no grade 12 results. Ba boss criticised TCZ that it has brought confusions but we didn’t know what he meant we thought he was talking about the high fees, you know administrators pay more than K1000. We didn’t pay much to his criticism until when TCZ announced that some administrators holding high positions also forged results. Now today after a briefing in the morning, the Planner seemed excited, he was ranting over ati ‘we shall see them, we shall see them.’ Then those at the registry started laughing, the boss came out and told them to minimize. Then the Planner came again near the boss’ office ” we shall see them they forged results. ” It’s there where they exchanged bitter words and almost fought but immediate actions by the people around calmed the situation. ” One senior officer disclosed to Zambian Teachers Corner.
The officer said the DEBS has a genuine professional qualification which he obtained in 2005 at one of the universities in Lusaka.

“As for me I don’t know if he forged certificates but according to the look of things, his grade 12 results are not genuine. It’s like the Planner knows everything and the way he does things one might suspect that he is one of the victims. He has been shivering the whole of last week, we thought he wasn’t feeling well but after TCZ announced that, that’s when now people are suspecting he’s one of the victims.” He said