Bowman C. Lusambo
Bowman C. Lusambo

DEPUTY Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala has chased Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo out of Parliament for heckling Chishimba Kambwili’s debate on estimates of expenditure for the Anti-Corrruption Commission.

While Kambwili was on the floor contributing to debate on the 2018 estimates of expenditure for the ACC, Lusambo started heckling but was told to take his seat by Namugala, who is chairperson of the committees, but he did not oblige.

This forced Namugala to order him out for disturbing the Roan PF member of parliament’s debate.


  1. But even u people of kabushi – what did u have in mind when u voted for this fellow ? Do better next time . HH is for grabs in 2021 – try your lucky my friends . Next time .

  2. Lusambo you are really a disappointment and what you exhibited was childish. What Kambwili was debating was not for himself but for all us you inclusive. Instead of you giving out your points, you just sit there idle. Shame to who ever voted you their.I’m sure next time people of Kabushi won’t make the same mistake. They seeing what type of an MP they have to represent them. Kuwayawaya fye


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