Dear Editor,
This Yobe guy is a problem, a big problem . Remember that this guy was once engaged to Mampi (Diva) but she broke up with him and called off the wedding after she discovered he was cheating on her with Mutale Mwanza aka Teetee former DJ at Flava fm and he also had other girl friends from Nipa and Mampi caught them red handed .

If you remember very well when Mampi was in the big brother house, she could even talk about how much she loved and respected this guy unless coming out of the big brother house to a rude shock of a cheating man.

She was keeping this guy after he lost his job in Sweden after the match fix which involved him and the brother.

But the guy moved on so fast and was using sympathy to win other peoples love saying mampi was a wrong woman for him she was a gold digger who only loved him when he has money and dumped him after he became broke.

Now look what he has done again he will never learn.