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Don’t Reveal More On The HH Stolen 12,996 Kalulushi Votes, I Will Give You My Van And Some Money, Pleads UPND Kalulushi Candidate To His Driver

Information Minister Mulenga Kampamba

The UPND candidate for Kalulushi Constituency Evaristo Mwalilino who sold Hakainde Hichilema’s 12,996 votes is now busy sending emissaries to his friend and former driver Wanna Chiyangi pleading that he (Chiyangi) must not reveal more details on how Mwalilino sold HH’s votes to the PF candidate Mulenga Kampamba who is also Information and Broadcasting Minister.

Disgraced Mwalilino currently in Lusaka and being kept in the lodge by prostitute Mulenga Kampamba has even offered to give his former driver a Caravan vehicle and some money so that he can keep quite and not reveal more.

But the former driver has maintained that corruption was eating the country that’s how there is poor leadership and people are suffering.

Mr. Chiyangi has maintained that those who dispute his allegations must take him to court so that he can reveal more corrupt activities by both Kampamba and Mwalilino on how they connived to sell the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s 12,996 votes.

Mr. Chiyangi says he knows he was risking his life by making such revelations to the Zambian people as the criminals who are corrupt are now hunting for his blood.

Chiyangi maintains that he knows everything that transpired and kept advising both Kampamba Mulenga and Evaristo Mwalilino against such illegal conduct but they continued the dealings.

He says he has not been at peace since HH’s Kalulushi Constituency votes were being sold in his presence and even made to sign as a witness and pick up the money.

Chiyangi says he tried to report the matter to some of the UPND leadership in Kalulushi but they did nothing in alerting the senior leadership in the party.