MARK ODE Mubalama, the Congolese lover of Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya

Quiet embarrassing news reaching Zambian Eagle from Namibian indicate that Lungu’s minister of Agriculture Dora Bokosi Siliya has insulted the wife of her sexual partner Mubalama during a telephone conversation.

Sources within Zambia and Namibia have confirmed to the Zambian Eagle that Nangula the God blessed wife of Congolese thief Mark Mubalama made a call this morning asking Dora Bokosi Siliya to stay away from her husband.

But Nangula, daughter of the Namibian President, was showered with Zambian insults from Dora.

Dora is said to have used unpalatables that Zambian Eagle can’t publish due to its large following which include children.

However, Dora Bokosi bluntly told Nangula that if she is interested in keeping Mubalama, she must improve her sexual styles.

Dora openly told Nangula that she doesn’t care whether she is a President’s daughter but that her sexual partnership with Mubalama will continue.

“I really don’t care my sister, just improve your sexual styles when with him, if anything get another freaking lazy guy, otherwise I am not ready to dump Mubalama, because we have done a lot together,” said Dora.

This led to Nangula breaking on phone as Dora’s secretary at cabinet office listened helplessly.

While the legitimate wife to Mubalama was still on the phone and crying, Dora cut the call and went about ballistic, insulting in Nsenga.

Dora was heard talking to herself in Nsenga while in the office after the phone call that “nusebenzesha yanga, sati yake yayi” translated as I use mine and not hers.

Zambian Eagle is striving hard to obtain this phone conversation from the Namibian telecommunications companies as Zambia’s are totally out service and cannot in any way make available such to private investigative media.




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