Dear Editor,
If am not mistaken, i saw close to 8 posts on this fora trying 2 claim tht Tongas and Lozi girls/women are the most beautiful in Zambia, of which i strongly dispute.
I dont find pleasure in commenting on social media, but i have bn forced to do so 2day in order 2 counter growing claims that bembas and easterners are ugly.

I have now permitted u editor 2 post this picture of me so that Zambians can judge for themselves. Am Mainess Phiri, a Nsenga from Petauke. Am not looking for any relationship (4 am not interested), but just want the people of Zambia to compare between us; Easterner/Northerners vs Southerners/ Westerners with regard to being beaut. It has bn enough of tongas & lozis girls claiming to command beaut in this country, but i belive that isn’t true.
Easterners and Bembas girls/women are more pretty than Tongas/Lozis; this is my opinion backed by this foto & many others.
Here is my picture, a “beautiful” Nsenga queen from Eastern aged 27; i now leave it 2 the pipo of Zambia 2 judge. i rest my case!


  1. And we are still wondering why poverty levels are rising in Zambia.. When grown men and women debate on which group has the most beauty…
    In as much as people have the right to express their opinions and think freely. Posts that ultimately have no positive impact on our society should not be entertained..ethnic profiling on any grounds doesn’t not help the nation.

    • Morgan does it mean that when you debate on such a case then you promoting poverty. be real boss. Even in super power countries who work tirelessly have such lite moments… poverty is in your mind

    • Mr. Musonda, i am merely questioning the positive impact such stories have on society.. Debating on such issues may not necessarily cause poverty but there are more pressing issues we could look at.. Such debates can be a start of divide that could be disastrous.. Next you’ll want to compare which ethnic group is more intelligent than the other and so on.. All am trying to bring across is lets not dwell on debates than could ignite conflict in a nation that’s diverse.. Moreover it’s just one person in the picture. How is that representative of the majority?

    • Mr. Musonda, i am merely questioning the positive impact such stories have on society.. Debating on such issues may not necessarily cause poverty but there are more pressing issues we could look at.. Such debates can be a start of divide that could be disastrous.. Next you’ll want to compare which ethnic group is more intelligent than the other and so on.. All am trying to bring across is lets not dwell on debates than could ignite conflict in a nation that’s diverse.. Moreover it’s just one person in the picture. How is that representative of the majority?
      If you read the post, you’ll not see any humour in how the author brings out her case..this is not the best example of a light moment..

    • In every setting, not all are on the same level of reasoning…..
      Maturity is not an automatic status for all…..
      Unfortunately we are in a time where many prefer to engage in an activity with a view to being thrilled rather than being drilled….

    • #morgen Mwaala. Your comment is out of content. Get real …has your silly comment reduced poverty? Nor has it got any positive impact on our society? What will your comment ever change, next week or next year… This is just social media and not economic development platform.
      In my opinion Northerners and Easterners are more pretty than all the rest.

    • Mr. Banda my arguement is not wether that lady is pretty or not.. My question is the value of the post..
      I believe you are open to the view that social media can be used to advance greater causes not ethnic profiling..
      Suffice to mention, i may not have a great sense of humour may agree with me that ethnic sentiments have been a source of tension in our country..

    • Mr Morgan your questioning is base less. what’s your view about society ?.you know that these things make up a society. a society is not about been right always,just in case you didn’t know society has all kind of individuals from mentally disturbed to kings, poor to rich and so fourth and without such what you call society Mr Morgan can’t exist. let’s not take everything to serious just classify this as a joke or an ice breaker, after a long day work.

    • Mr. Musonda, i have also stressed that our nation is diverse a society.. Please understand that am not disproving the author’s arguement in her post i want to understand the merits the post and of course not that mine is better.. If you also read the comments from the others on the post, you’ll note that a majority are not taking it as a light moment. We’ve seen better ice breakers based on ethnicity that have no potential to harm society than this.

  2. You are just wasting time to expose your self, have you seen the different between eastern and southern, Western pert of Zambia, but is about natural not exposing your self.

  3. Maria Mwape no jelous you are beautiful. Very beautiful but no brains. Why pull the Chitenge????? You have caused a lot of accidents in Mpezeni land. You have killed our weak brothers especially the Phiris, Tembos, Mbewes not forgetting the Ndjovus

  4. Madam, yu’re exposing yr nakedness and not beauty. One man’s meat is another’s poison and beauty is in the beholder’s eye. So don’t boast about temporal things, especially nakedness. Probably use yr present beauty to quickly marry or remain a miss Perfecto

  5. Am wondering sure you can’t find another way of proving that without undress. ….Beauty has nothing to do with tribe my young lady and no one should cheat and there is no standard for beauty. Its dependant on the person perception and likes.

  6. All ladys you are wonderful and fearfully made. Now proevrbs talks 31v10-31 talks about the capable and most exllent women, please read believe you will be enlightened .peace to you all.

  7. Foolishness ,even if its comparing yourself in such a nude pic.lozis and Tonga’s are away beyond that foolishness. Think before you post such pics on fb.

  8. Mainess,do u know dat da first school in zambia is kanyonyo in western province where beautiful nd educated girls are born? U ar beauty bt dnt compete for dat instead compete 4 academics.

  9. It would appear her beauty comes first, but she is as dull as a doormat, used and abused all the time. A s*ex toy

  10. We can’t know the secret of our assistance and the parents women, they are one know the roots of each other Mr siwale of meanwood killed wife and lover after being told that One child wasn’t his. So let us all be united as one created in the image of the almighty God .we are all beautiful in the sight of God

  11. Mainess Phiri ,you could be right. However they say that “Not that glitters is gold ” Mama you could be very beautiful but you could be watery and stinking or indeed promiscuous. My experience is that those you call ugly are sexually exciting and endowed with good mannerisms. Beauty is in the heart not outside appearance. You can’t be given all the perfect talents. I have come across a woman who looks like a curio,but my God switch off the lights and let her treat you to some sexual act,you will be amazed. Those who are like you are a complete rubbish both in bed and mannerisms. That is how God has made people. It is strange however that beauty has become tribal.

  12. Is Mainess the Nsenga translation of NO MANNERS????..Anyway beauty has nothing to do with tribe..All tribes have beautiful women..Ultimately everyone is beautiful in the eyes of God and that’s all that matters.


  14. That is not a beaut we can talk about because the body of a human being does not make a person to become beauty or handsome but only the heart of a person determine where you belong.

  15. Wasting time talking about beauty….dont you have better and meaningful and constructive things to talk about! Just a piece of flesh! Waiting for a new price of a 50kg bag of maize from FRA….

  16. To acquire Beautiful things you don’t find them exposed like you have done. EG Gold you have to DIg. precious stones you have to Dig. ivory you have to risk. Cocaine you have to risk. Diamond you have to Dig. BUT FOR YOUR THIGHS THEY ARE OPEN AND TO BE SEEN BY EVERYONE THEN THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG

  17. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…regardless of what tribe one is there is more to a woman then beauty and that’s a woman’s worthy which only determined by God.Please my sister you are beautiful coz God made you beautiful…..go and dress up coz your body is the temple of God

  18. Lady. Ure jst human nt that ure beautiful. Ure NOT & u shud. avoid such comments that how u bring anarchy in the country. . Please we peace & unity in our country Zambia

  19. kkkk…bemba girls they dont have big behinds like tonga or lozi girls even beautiful than you fool. dont say that again.lets develop our country than posting foolish thing

  20. Bring developmental issues, there Will be no comment but here is useless issue it attracts a100+ comments. Zambians why are we like this. Ma it’s just my opinion

  21. Now how can we compere when u r alone? it was going to make sense if their was someone from those pipo u r compering yourself to. By the way as far as am concerned you bet them in necked ness not beautifulness

  22. i blaming the one who ever told u that u are beautiful ……. starting with ur mind its already ugly i can’t imagine what is under ur skin ….. the diseases ….. ish ,….

  23. Yes beauty is not showing off to people by showing all what you are why didn’t you just pull off to be naked than that coz you have just shown that easterners are not even beautiful coz they show there beauty when they are naked then us from northern or western, southern are more sensible coz we show that to the one you are married too if you are looking for marriage we shall find one for you

  24. LOST BUT NEVER FOUND! In as much as i appreciate what i see in the picture, please help me find the correct defination of ‘more’ or ‘most beautiful’ which i guess i ‘lost but never found’. I m actaully confused coz i don’t even know whether the picture i m seeing is of the ‘most beautiful’ nsenga girl who has ever lived, who shall ever live or who wil ever live. Or may be its the picture of a nsenga girl ‘more beautiful’ than all the lozi/tonga girls who have ever lived and shall ever live. Maybe perhaps its the picture of the famous nsenga girl that we were once told that was not yet born. PLEASE HELP!

  25. This desperation is sickening. It’s enough that we face racism for whites. And now this by blacks against blacks, Zambians against Zambians. How disgusting and shameful. There’re are more beautiful nsenga and tonga women than you if you ask me. Try elsewhere

  26. Please Tongas and lozis joke on this forum.they have never compared themselves to other ethnic groups but between sister you got it all wrong.You went extremes by undressing yourself for what?

  27. Foolish lady. Shame on you!!! Its for that reason how that statement can become true. Tongas, lozis can’t expose their nakedness like that!!! They are well displined people. Sad development! It takes some other tribes to show their nakedness to compete with tongas. You have provide it yourself. Am not interested.

  28. At the end of the day all African women are sexy as hell nothing beats a silky brown, dark velvety complexion paired up with killer curves.. I think its childish to go on comparing who’s who n whos what…… There’s a lot this country needs come on ladies beauty without brains is nothing, ur get ur shit together n grow up….!

  29. Nomba ukufula uko kwanshi… Do u think if we were all the same the world wud b better? I tend to wonder y some people have time for useless things..who has the power to decide the way one is born?

  30. Never try to post your naked lad on this platform for fake news update.if you don’t have latest news to update us better leave the page.or after smoking neither from drinking beer better you go sleep we do want such kind of nosense.what you don’t know is that every one is beautful.also that is tribalism what kind of a kaffir which is stil believing in tribalism you are?go and reserch how lozi or tonga women marriede to bembas?

  31. mayo fwaleni umwaume wamano tafwaya ufulilelimo nishi chipuba chinakwe i lv Tonga lozi tabatemwa ukulangisha imitoto pase ngabakuchipata.amabele bachilalangisha kumutomboko ayapwa ngatulopoko emabele yalya mwebena chipata muleufwako isoni

  32. for luck of a beter term I think this is the most childish thing i’v ever seen in a very long time .I mean are you about to get layd or what ?dress up get a life and stop tribal hate speech coz we all beautiful no mater were we coming from!

  33. The bottom lines is wether beautiful or ugly bambili musushana muli mu zambia.n wether tonga lozi ngoni to name it no one is beautiful nor ugly in God’s image.

  34. All human being are either handsome or beautiful coz what someone regards to b the best it can b the least to others but bear in my mind that cousinship is about joking not provocation ,that y we dont know wat LOVE mean.làstly galatians 5:22-23 we are xians let not over value ourselves blessed to u all see u in heaven ,love u one zambia one nation .

  35. Outward beauty is nothing but vain but a woman who fears the Lord has true beauty within.
    So mama stop Wasting Your body trying to prove what is not necessary. Grow up

  36. Mamamamamamama hey!thighs,complexion.You were created for sure let’s hope that’s even how your heart is.i have never seen such a beatiful lady like you and please praise God for your beauty.take care of yourself so that you don’t misuse your beauty or else you may regret.

  37. But you are beautiful my lady, but don’t engage in tribal competitions focus on your personal development and leave that to ……

    But I don’t forget the statement that goes like


  38. Ma hule ya bantu, if ur beautiful so what? Beauty knows no tribe, I mean we are Christians who were created in the image of God. Let those who wnt to compete on tribal grounds go to hell

  39. You are so silly and stupid don’t bring up tribe issues but say that you are a bitch for exposing yourself like that no beautiful woman can do that you are just a prostitute

    • Don’t be too harsh,stop swearing. Mainess is beautiful that’s the fact but find a better way of advising her.All u ladies are very much cute,if I can tell u,men easily loses direction and focus once such parts are exposed.Eventually , their minds conjure up a lot more evil plans towards that.I think God made all black ladies pretty because their thighs radiates more than whites. A white lady can walk with a mini skirt and men onlookers won’t be withdrawn but black ladies u start silivating because the body that is in exposed if by mistake comes up open attracts more.

  40. ndiwe chabe hule iwe, the person you want to counter this nonsense did not post nude photo but was well dressed. anyway we don’t want to compare you with your fellow porn iris kaingu because the results will be a disaster

  41. your beauty has got nothing to do with tribes you doing this just to promote violence this is shit find something important to post every girls in our country are beautiful including yourself

  42. Vincent Bubala I agree with you it shows that people have stopped thinking about development all they think about is working for Facebook and Google kkkkkkk unfortunately no salary kkkkkkkk

  43. We are all beautiful. We are all created in the image of God. My sister,showing your face is enough and not undressing for the world to see you..
    Why did u have u do that?

  44. when it comes to useless things like this,we always see uncountable comments,when it comes to real issues we need to fight like hate rates,injustices,corruption and other serious issues which is a danger to our lives,we always see two or three comments.where do you use to be all of you?,amatako,amatanta,and beautiful faces of those ladies who take us no where.they can only take us to hell

  45. For your own information you are not beautiful for beauty is not the out look but the inside you so I can’t see beauty here but bayizi bakonda pavitu vobola kikikiki Tongas and Lozi’s are cute in their hearts

  46. who is the judge who judging on anyone’s behalf that this one or that one is more beautiful than the other? in matters of beauty, an individual judges for oneself who is beautiful and who is not! that is why the sages of old have said “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!”

  47. Why do bembas want to dominate in every thing.they divide this nation very soon they will cause more problems if the do not change we should value each tribe.a bemba would force local people in likulwe to speak tongo than him adapting. They always think they superior. Believe me or not but it true

  48. U are very beaultiful but dnt undress pliz people might get a wrong picture of you……beaulty is everywhere to say our country is ful of beaultiful ladies and handsome men we are all one lets respect that pliz…..

  49. Beauty? A Nigerian pic, kkkkkkkk, my sister don’t expose your immoral behaviour in public, if you don’t know there is no any single tribe in Zambia which have beautiful ladies than others, you are the same people spreading diseases in our country.

  50. My friend,we appreciate your courage to parade almost your nudity but if it was done to prove your point,Iam sori to notify you that get an in-depth research by traversing z regions U ve mentioned & wud be shocked to your bones that not even a day wud pass before U abandon your assigment with a heart that would be full of remorse. Get this one fact clear that; “beauty lies in z eyes of z beholder.” If there is anyone who has told U so,respect them for such bt NOT everyone wud ve told U so.After all God is not foolish to deposit beauty in one section of z country. Let”s be mindful of z msges we post on social media. At a time like this wen z country is grappling with z ways of healing z artificial cracks that ve eaten z very fabric of wat had kept us as a “One Zambia,One Nation” such comments can not be condoned. “One Zambia,One Nation”. Mwiya indigenous male Mulozi frm Barotseland.

  51. Otherwise all tribes have powerful beautiful women. God did not create certain tribes to have beautiful women than other tribes. Let us keep away language of hate please.

  52. Yaaaayayayaya!! Mwine mushi nangu tapasoswa kusuka waposapo, emukutila iwe Yorum C Mushani Mwape Chikuwe Mwape A Legacy Maybin M Meleki nangu ntile Mushota Lupupa bushe te pornography iyi batini? Iwe Elizabeth Ng’onga Musonda posapo

  53. The beauty lies in the hands of the beholder the beauty of some one will not attract marriage if we follow beauty what about the disabled ones marriage is from God

  54. My sister we were created in the image of God so we are just the same in his eyes.those thighs you are showing in public its not good girls lets us respect ourselves.

  55. Sister tomorrow you will be a mother how are you going to teach your children when you are showing your nakedness the whole world shame on you are disappointing your fiance.

  56. plez turn to God nd the goodness of God this world is not ur a visitor of this world of,i want u to read in the book of 1corinthians 6:9-14 plez u ar from God the image of God,why ar u like animals?

  57. Anyone created in the image of the most high God has the devine beauty…. Why should you people practice tribalism instead of being there for one another and learn to love each other abundantly as God has commanded…. I see no use of competing about foolish things.

  58. Anyway sorry to u,get central statistical office and and find out the poverty levels your beauties u are aploading.go to mutanda bantu open air market check u tribalist. Wounded laps,sorry?

  59. Mainess Phiri don’t display your tribalism.2.Don’t campaign for tribalism. 3.Most of the women who claim to be beautiful grow old without being married. 1peter3:3-4 says don’t be proud of your outward beauty but your inner beauty which is a good heart.

  60. Beauty without wisdom is useless. Beautiful ladies don’t undress in public. I think Muyunda Muyunda exceeds Mainess’s beauty but she has never ever boasted, lastly let people say that you are beautiful and not yourself.

  61. Colossians 3:8,people stop debating on useless issues will only bring divisions please stop this demonic debate. Romans 8:14 ,1john3:10.

  62. Beauty doesnt pay anything in the image of God. Honour your Body its not ment to dispose it publicly. A matured and counseld lady wouldn’t have done that. Refrain from evil vices. I hope you change… How are your childrens and parents going to judge you. You need prayers

  63. Iyo Kwena ulichipumbu , you have posted a photo that confirms that assertion of the masses that tongas and lozis are beautiful because they dress decently not chitanku.

  64. Sad a lady in this day and age speaking tribal language on comparing beauty. Dear us now we are taking intelligence, wisdom, kindness and knowing Christ not nakedness. Jesus Christ is coming back. Stop dividing Zambians

  65. if being fat is what u take for beauty then i will forgive cause she far less than tonga/lozi woman… that is a fact

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