The Zambian Observer


Intelligence information from inside state house indicate that PF president Edgar Chagwa Lungu has gotten more sick than was earlier reported.

And PF top leadership, the cabinet and Office of the President officials are in panic mood after the current development that has seen Edgar Lungu stop talking.

Automatically Inonge Wina will take over from Lungu if anything happens when he is evacuated for treatment

Early this morning, all security and intelligence heads were at state house holding meetings over the same matter and how to evacuate Edgar Lungu to expensive hospitals.
Sources say Esther Lungu and her step daughter Tasila, were seen sobbing this afternoon.
Just as it was with the late Micheal Sata, ZNBC has been ordered to broadcast file images of president Lungu to confuse the nation.

Meanwhile, some money hungry pastors are reported to be pressurizing the sick dictator to consider apologizing to Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND leadership for having stolen their victory and release all the incarcerated UPND members. This is because according to them, Edgar Lungu’s illness is connected to stealing of HH’s votes and the unfair imprisoning of UPND members.

But presidential medical doctors believe President Lungu’s illness is caused by 40 years of over drinking of beer. Edgar Lungu is believed to have started drinking beer at the age of 15 while at secondary school on the Copperbelt.

Source : Zambian Watch