Prince J Ndoyi

By Prince J Ndoyi
MMD Youth

We want to make comment on the increasing incessant attacks on the Constitutional Court judges by the UPND leaders and media team. Including the attacks against President Lungu’s eligibility to contest the 2021 elections, a matter that’s in the courts.

Our view from the outset is that HH and his UPND must be made to understand that in the unfortunate circumstance that President Lungu is declared ineligible, UPND’s chances to win remain the same. This is because they have featured the same candidate five times and so there is nothing different they have to offer to the ordinary Zambian electorate.

It is GBM’s duty as Vice President coupled with his experience politically to help the UPND leadership to understand that it is a political blunder for them to insist on President Lungu’s ineligibility. Because this has the potential to create a perception that they are afraid of his candidature. It is truly a mark of fear and desperation on their part, like President Lungu so rightly put it. Why the panic? Does it mean if Edgar Lungu won’t be eligible then HH and his UPND stand a chance to win? President Lungu’s eligibility certainly won’t make HH win.

Why should the candidate who will be adopted by Patriotic Front worry HH and his UPND? What does that say about themselves?Are the UPND indirectly admitting that once beaten twice shy? Have they failed to win at elections, now they want to use the elimination method by making their opponents ineligible thereby gate crushing into State House.

We would like to urge HH and his UPND to instead concentrate their energies on checking their own eligibility to stand within their party. Seeing that they have stood countless times without a convention within their party, and still intend to stand in 2021. This is far much equally a moral issue as it is a constitutional one. Maybe it’s time GBM was adopted as their candidate for a change.

The UPND must develop a political strategy for 2021 of their own, unlike waiting on the weaknesses and misfortunes in other political parties. It won’t help them if there will be any. With such it is suffice to say all guesses in the MMD/PF Alliance are eligible to win, even the perceived incorrect ones against HH and his UPND.

As young democrats, surely there should be no sense of satisfaction in what is happening. In fact, they should take this moment to look at themselves in the mirror and ask: How much do their own party’s internal battles resemble the fight happening within the other parties? As Democrats we should be asking ourselves how tolerant we are of dissent within our own party and how much we are really willing to reach across the aisle.

Lastly we want to encourage HH and his UPND to dust up their shoes and wear their party paraphernalia to get into the bush again.



  1. This typical shallow analysis of the situation. Since when did Prince Ndoyi become a political analyst. For his information ECL has never won a presidential election. The last two elections were massively rigged. So it is not being afraid of ECL it is an issue of abiding by the constitution.

  2. Its not about winning an election but follow the constitution. The constitution is very clear even to a
    layman’s language which bar Edgar Lungu from standing for third term unless you have other ideas of bringing war to Zambia.

  3. Ndoyi, I usually read your writing but I feel you have less time to read and listen. Spare time to read the Zambian constitution with understanding. Don’t rush my brother. After that I challenge you to also read constitutions for individual political parties. Don’t argue from here says.

  4. HH won the disputed 2016 elections, the evidence is there to see. Fake polling stations, if Kalulushi he won, what more other cities. That aside. Political booty likers you will always be. Wasting energies for the government to pay your rentals. Man up


  6. The free information we have for you is that HH won the 2016 election and is supozd to be in State house. we are not even interested in the 2021 elections as HH won hands down and prepared to prove that in court.

  7. Ka Prince Ndoyi,there was Dr Kaunda in that seat.You think your edgar is God,he is NOT and he can be voted out just as Zambians did to KK.You think he is still popular,he is NOT.Only Chitulika polling station formular with less than 276 registered voters can make you win by converting it into A Constituency and give your selves 33,477 fake votes.Now who is the mp for Chitulika Constituency on pf ticket.We as UPND,we did not field a candidate because Chitulika is NOT constituency but a polling station .pf won Chitulika Constituency, very good,who is pf member parliament for Chitulika Constituency?HonJK


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