The Independent Broadcasting Authority has summoned Prime Television CEO Genrald Shawa for allegedly failing to comply with the IBA Act.

In a letter dated October 06, 2017, IBA Director General Josephine Mapoma asked Shawa to present himself before the licensing and compliance committee at the IBA offices for abrogating the conditions of section 29 (2) of the IBA Act.

“Section 29 (2) of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) provides, ‘where a broadcasting lisence does not comply with this Act or with the conditions of the broadcasting license, the Authority shall notify the broadcasting licensee of the measures that the broadcasting licensee should undertake, within a specified period, to comply with the conditions of this Act or broadcasting license,” stated Mapoma.

“In view of the above provision, you are hereby summoned to appear before the licensing and compliance committee of the board on Monday, 9th October, 2017at 10:30 hours in the IBA boardroom for non compliance in your broadcasting.”

Two days ago, Prime TV aired a story quoting a source who claimed that Information Minister Kampamba Mulenga paid him K21,000 in order to steal 12,996 votes from UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

The said source claimed that he also worked with lawyer KBF and former president Rupiah Banda to rig the 2016 elections and further challenged them to sue him if they thought he was lying.


  1. Let the case be taken to court where it will attract vast evidence. Definitely the DPP will be called in to enter a Nolle. Simple.

  2. Please learn from Kanganja vs Tayali case. The PIG thought he was going to be paid extra income,but alas everything turned sour till the DPP was called to enter a Nolle. He unceremoniously fled from the court as though he was the convict.Law is for those who have prophesied it fully not those who steal clients money or fail to interpret what is in the constitution.

  3. Iba you’re becoming useless. The source says the persons mentioned in the story should sue him. He has actually dared the people mentioned so why should you pin Prime TV? Please let’s treat the cause and not symptoms.

  4. I now feel strongly that that the story is true, how many fake characters are given walking interviews, covered and forced to propagate nonsense on znbc and nothing Is done ai….

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