Elias Munshya
Elias Munshya

We made the following assumptions:

  • Some constituencies in Western Province are yet to report. So we are giving HH a 10,000 vote spread for each constituency.
  • Two constituencies are yet to report in Southern Province, we have given HH a 20,000 vote spread for each constituency.
  • Some constituencies in Lusaka have not reported so we have given EL a very conservative vote advantage of about 10,000 for Chawama, he is likely to beat this number.
  • I have separate figures for other candidates, and I have not included them in the above totals. Please provide for at least 50,000 votes for other candidates.
  • CAUTION – These numbers are provisional and are not authorized by the Electoral Commission of Zambia. You cannot rely on them.

Source : https://eliasmunshya.org/2016/08/14/eliasmunshya-org-projects-that-edgar-lungu-wins-zambias-2016-presidential-elections/



  1. When u know have lost direction its advised not to keep going forward: but other people from the time they lost direction 20years ago they have kept on saying forward in the same direction…. I talked to my friend asking him why keeping forward in the wrong direction but he told that because he respected the leader and insisted that forward ever and backwards never… JK heard this then he sung him a song to help him ( dununa dununa dununa reverse ) but still the person didn’t hearken until today too late he only want to reverse only the accounting of votes ( ___/recounts)

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