Emmanuel Pentecostal Church congregant is rushed for resuscitation after fainting outside the Kabwe magistrate’s court.

The church member collapsed after her church leader prophet Emmanuel Chibanga was sentenced to six months imprisonment with hard labour for wife battery.

In August prophet Emmanuel  Chibanga of Nkrumah extension was allegedly Arrested for allegedly battering his wife Lynn Daka after a domestic argument.

At only 38, has become one of the most successful prophets in Central province building himself a K5, Million  Mansion in Nkrumah.


  1. She story about prophet Emmanuel being jailed is false,please stop malicious spreading of falsehood,the man is home and delivered powerful sermony as usual.He later posted back in response to my posts yesterday.Do not believe lying spirits intending to distroy outstandingvordained ministries of God.

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