Press Statement
For immediate release.


I would like to inform the public that the post circulating on social media attributed to me is fake news and has nothing to do with Soweto market.

This is an attempt by PF to avoid responsibility, shift blame and minimise the damage they have caused on innocent citizens of this great nation.

When you see such fake post from PF, take time and look at the two images they are totally different.

Our prayers are with the people of Zambia who have lost property and income.

Larry Mweetwa.



  1. The fact that this guy does not live in zambia, does not qualify him to speak I’ll about this country. many people have suffered and have lost their livelihood, this guy has to be reasonable enough and condemn such acts, Instead of supporting such inhuman behaviors which is being perpetrated by I don’t know who.

  2. Just emphasize the need for ecl to find divine wisdom to stabilise the nation politically before we all go up in flames.The situation in Zambia now is that of uncertainty and let him avoid getting advice from these small boys surrounding him as they are hungry for leisure.

  3. In solidarity with all Zambian people but more especially with all those who have lost their goods in City Market when it got fire. Last time I warned Zambians over Kagame Paul visit in that country. He has left DMI in Zambia and they are being coordinated by Rwanda Embassy in Zambia.Transported by Rwanda Air.This is the beginning.Worse is yet to come if Zambia does not take precautions over Kagame Paul relationship with that country. Harare should be waiting for the same shock after Lusaka and Brazaville. It is not by hazard that The burning of City Market coinced with the celebration in Rwanda on 4th/07/2017.Wait for more worse than. Last time I warned Zambia over the ritual killings which were organised by Kigali just to destabilise Zambia. Kagame Paul DMI are at work. Very unfortunate indeed. A country might be at peace but it allows Paul Kagame to penetrate it then that is the end.

  4. The last time i posted somthing on this page was when openely the zambian obsever accused ECL of ordering the arest of a certain chief and know you kno how it feels to be accused of doing something inhuman and out of line.

  5. Comment:plse remove polictics in markets and who not police in guarding state properties who knows they culprits .sorry them that lost properties may almighty God gives u strength


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