Lungu and his mentor dictator Museveni

“Now that the economic situation in Uganda is improving, the government will be able to look into raising of salaries of soldiers, public servants, health workers and teachers and also deal with institutional housing,” Museveni pledged.

Museveni made the promise during a pass out of soldiers at Karama Armoured War Fare Training School in Mubende district.

Museveni congratulated the crews upon completion of the training. “My advice to them is that they should avoid risky lifestyles – avoid umalaya, alcohol and corruption,” Museveni counseled.

The pass out was held at Karama Armoured War Fare Training School in Mubende district.



  1. So they discussed this with Lungu, such coincidences are rare, Zambia plans to do that and Uganda the same? Birds even without feathers can still flock together if their instincts lead them into fear.

  2. Mu7 fucker , it’s not about pleasing those man in uniform , but the people and constitution which u have manipulated for life ng . U idiots , time has come , africans will no longer stand your idiotic attitudes . Menomeno , drink yo Jameson fast , coz u won’t have noon of it in the penitentiary ! And there , your name shall be changed to ” Jameson Lungu ” in remembrance of yo foolish past :

  3. Ugandan soldiers don’t be cheated by that chi monster, chi museveni you have got relatives who not soldiers and they are suffering,but if he has increased your salaries no problem, ni don’t kubeba.

  4. Ugandan soldiers are known to be brave and fearless. So why are they wasting time with this old dictactor of man ? Mugabe gone,next museveni ,kabila,kagame,lungu and Ali bongo.


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