The Anglican Dioceses of Lusaka’s – St Marks Boys Mission Secondary School – Private Bag 1XC Mapanza – Choma, Southern Province- Zambia.

The Grade 12 Pupils (boys only) 1997 intake writing final exam.

The same intake had burnt down the school in the same year during the riot for good food that saw all pupils both boarders and day scholars being surcharged to renovate the school. Heavily armed police officers were deployed during exams and especially on the final day to ensure the Grade 12 Historical Boys were well escorted out of school, lets they caused trouble.

Mr Matulula was the Headteacher by then, Mr Syabunkululu was the Deputy-Head while Mr Hamfwiti was the Boarding Master. Other Notable teachers that time included Mr Kawana (Bizo), Mr Sakala, Mr Haabamba, Mr Mwiinga and Mr Njamba.

Dr Fredrick T.J Chiluba was the Republican President, while
Dr Syamukaumbu Syamujaye was the Minister of Education.

Evans Haanambota was the Head Boy, while James Muyoba was the Vice.

Source: Ministry of General Education Achieves – Lusaka Zambia.
Now, what grade where u this time? What do you remember about your life at this wonderful school? What other teachers’ and pupils’ names do you still remember?

I expect comments from all former pupils of St Marks Boys, Macha Girls, Njase Girls and other surrounding secondary schools that felt the positive impact of Sante Marko in those years.

Wonderful Old Memories Indeed! Those were days brothers and sisters.
I will never just forget them.

NB: Please be informed that we have formed a St Marks Old Boys Association. If you are one of the former pupil for this school & interested in joining the association, please text or call Mr O’Neil Mweemba on 0977 829774.

Together we can remember & celebrate our former school in a special manner.

God Be With You ALL.

Dr. Edwin Munachaka (University Lecturer)-Former St Marks Pupil – 1997

FILE PICTURE: 1997 Grade 12 Intake writing their Final Exam Paper.



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