Dear Mr Editor,

Please Mr Editor, allow me space in your newspaper.

It is important to tell those people who get to leadership through the back door that freedom fighting did not not end in 1964.  In truth, it was only the beginning of intensified freedom fighting so that the country is totally liberated from the evils of those selfish leaders.  Freedom fighting can only end when the rule of law is adhered to without any doubt.  Freedom fighting can end when the Constitution is obeyed as the articles command.  Those who disobey our Constitution only exert more intensity of freedom fighting.  Freedom fighting has many facets of tactical approach in the Multi Party Democratic Politicking like our Zambian true life situation.

One such true Zambian way and the easiest approach is to give a leader enough rope to hang himself and his follows who think that they are more Christ (the anointed one; the beginning and the end or Messiah) than others.

Every true Zambian know that ‘tafimena pamubili‘, except for those who come from…, God knows,

Every true Zambian knows that it is his duty to entertain strangers, pray with them and let God do his job.

Every true Zambian knows that he shall not judge others, let God do the judgment.

Every true Zambian knows that he should not be like Yona who waits and wants to see the announce of God upon others.

Every true Zambian knows that a mere mortal can not know who Jesus is except, if and only if God Almighty allows it.  No one can defend God.

Who am I to tell my brother, my fellow human being  that he is a false prophet!

Jesus ( or Joshua, or God saves)  was accused as being possessed with a demon, some called him Teacher or Rabbi and yet others called him a magician because he turned water into wine or he multiplied fish and bread and many other things he did form his childhood up to the time he was 33 years old).  And Jesus asked his disciples what they thought who he was.

So any thing that departs from the above true sentiments is un-Zambian.

If you are the doubting Tomas, you should know that Zambia is where the foot of God is. As such every living human creature in the inter world has a write to visit Zambia (Zambezi- the river of God or nyambe. Even before a missionary came to Zambia it was know as such –yambezi).

Are you a Zambia who deny visitors to enter the country and call them names.

It is only the devil who is afraid of others.

Yours Reader,

Collins Teembo




  1. christians for lungu now & not christian,every prayer should include humble ecl & bitter HH if not,your christianity does’nt apply under the current adminstration.

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