Davies Mwila

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says the ruling party welcomes the dropping of the charges against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema as it proves that the Judiciary is independent.

In a statement issued by PF media director Sunday Chanda today, Mwila said the independence of the DPP and the Judiciary has been demonstrated.

“We welcome the decision as it is a show of independence of our institutions such as the Directorate of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and Judiciary. We must never lose sight of the rule of law which emphasizes that no one is above the law. We further wish to remind that a Nolle Prosequi is not an acquittal. It is a Nolle. But most importantly for us in the PF is the independence of the DDP and Judiciary demonstrated” Mwila noted.

“This would never have happened in a dictatorship. We are not a dictatorship. We do not aspire to be one. We’ll never be one. We are democrats in word and deed.”

Take a listen:

Mwila hailed the church and other stakeholders who had shown genuine concern about the state of the nation.

“Let me thank all those like the Church and Commonwealth Secretary General, among others, who genuinely took keen interest in Zambia’s peace and stability. PF will always be committed to uniting Zambia beyond partisan, religious, tribal, gender lines,” he said.

Mwila urged HH to remain committed to the call for talks and promotion of peace and unity in the country.

“On a political level, people expect that the UPND leader will not abandon the commitment to democracy, but accept defeat and recognize the election and authority of President Edgar Lungu without reservations. We hope beyond this development, UPND will not fall for the agenda of anti-Zambia elements whose objective is to auction Zambia to the highest bidder. We expect the Opposition Party to engage us in development politics as we march towards 2021 elections. No Zambian wants to live in the past. We have a future to collectively build and protect,” said Mwila.



  1. HH was released by help of commonwealth and not by Judiciary. Why did Judiciary not prosecute him in the first place? It had to take international community to interven and reason with Edgar Lungu. Don’t start cheating people.

  2. Mwila answering you is demeaning oneself. Don’t bring in unnecessary propaganda which does not make sense. I hear you have limited knowledge in almost everything. You are not worthy exchanging ideas with. You are just a hungry vulture.

  3. So u create a crisis so that u be reckoned heroes ai, davis i d ve said yes if Catholics, obasanjo n Commonwealth didn’t come in…..for now sir its….better u don’t say that to me at least

  4. Total rubbish! PF are disgraced and without credibility whatsoever. It took Baroness Scotland to force Lungu to withdraw his malicious jailing of HH.

  5. (1)Then Tell The Nation What The Catholic Bishops Went To Do At State House And Mukobeko.(2)Tell The Nation What The Commonwealth Team Lead By Priscila Scotland Went To Do At Mukobeko And State House.

  6. lier! who do u want 2 lie,if u ar seying so,why do thy fell 2 sorve the pettion? after thre biz sorving people who ar stiling chikens,u shud think be4 u want 2 lie.mwatusebaanya nobabetesi,

  7. lier! who do u want 2 lie,if u ar seying so,why do thy fell 2 sorve the pettion? after thre biz sorving people who ar stiling chikens,u shud think be4 u want 2 lie.mwatusebaanya nobabetesi,

  8. Its not upto Tayali to praise the Judicialy,for the nation still is in dilema to realy what led the DPP enter a nolle when all roads lead to a heated heartless procecution which was written on all Govt Ministers all PF/MMD pillars.The Common Wealth Secretariate must have turned the other side of a coin in unleashing conditions that unsettled the SWAT in the PF.Ounce UNIP was whipped with copper sanction which saw the economy to its kneels.And if HHs release is with threatend ecomical sanctions from the Common wealth,it means we are still breast feeding and from today,Ministers shud not boast of independent will of reasoning as rubbish garbages of their thoughts may next time be trashed back at their faces.Bravo the Common Wealthy Secretariat,bravo the USA,and bravo HH and the UPND.


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