Ghana Footballer Odartey Lamptey Realizes Kids Are Not His After 21 Years


DNA results reveal that the 42-year old Anderlecht and Aston Villa star is not the father of any of the children blessed with his two-decade-old marriage.

Odartey Lamptey upon suspecting his wife of infidelity asked for a DNA test to be performed on the three children and he received the shocking news of his life – none of the three children is his blood.

However, Lamptey wife is claiming the former Ghana youth suggested they could opt for artificial insemination after medical reports revealed the ex Asante Kotoko attacker was infertile.

According to reports, Nii Odartey Lamptey has suspected his wife of infidelity for several years but decided to stay in the marriage out of love and the chain of businesses they own together.

Lamptey who is the owner of Golden Lions Soccer Academy and Glow Lamp International School is now heading to court to file for divorce after over 20 years of marriage.



  1. YOU! just keep those children, it’s God’s given gift and blessing……even some of the world’s best children we have, have no clear evidence whether they are ours or not………don’t trouble the innocent souls bro.

  2. Never ever trust a woman. Even in the Bible women have caused a lot of sins to happen. They arebgold diggers by nature. Now what will happen to the children after that long belief that their father brought them up. They can commit suicide or kill the mother. it is a big shame.

  3. Than Ask De Woman Who Is There Bio Father After That Let Him Per U Back What Ever U Have Spent On Those Children Finesh Ad Marry A Different Woman.

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