PF cadre Munir Zulu has petitioned Parliament to subject Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili to mental assessment saying he is convinced the legislator has “a disease”.

And Zulu has told PF cadres around Lusaka to turn up at Parliament today and “dramatise” their petition to parliament against Kambwili.

But Kambwili says he cannot waste his time responding to “chaps” like Zulu, whom he told to go ahead to petition Parliament.

Before compiling the petition, Zulu told The Mast that he would compel Parliament to confine Kambwili to a mental hospital for assessment.

Munir, who had earlier posted on his Facebook page calling for PF youths to turn up in numbers at Parliament buildings as he presents the petition, said Kambwili would also be reported to police for criminal defamation of President Edgar Lungu.

Munir Zulu who bought Edgar Lungu’s hat for K185,000 is the young brother to Keizer Zulu

“You will recall Mr Speaker that Hon Kambwili has had about three accidents in total in a space of about five months…from the events of the accidents, it has so happened that the said member of parliament has resorted to making wild utterances and making wild allegations which can be said to be unfounded. Mr Speaker, I have been quite concerned about our member of parliament Hon Mr Kambwili and his utterances of late where he has gone on to talk about things that defy common sense and logic, including matters that are considered taboo in our Zambian culture,” stated in part Zulu’s petition to Speaker Dr Patrick Matibini. “One example of such utterances is when he started talking about Hon Kampamba Mulenga. Sometime in September 2017, he was saying she has been getting married and divorcing young men on the Copperbelt and secondly this month…he raised issues of toilet paper attributed to Hon Mumbi Phiri and rendered an apology on or about the 5th of October, matters that a person considered sane in our society would not ordinarily begin to discuss in public…He has gone ahead to talk about issues of corruption, on the 6th of January 2017, he state that he had never called President Lungu corrupt. On the 7th October, 2017, he went on to call the President of the Republic of Zambia corrupt. I hold the view that this particular member of parliament is not sane and as such he ought to be questioned.”

And on his Facebook page, Zulu, who at one time purchased President Lungu’s hat at a fundraising auction, said it was time to dramatise things in their quest to give Kambwili a last “punch in the game of politics”.

“Good evening friends of the struggle. On behalf of the team that speaks against Kambwili, I wish to inform you that time to dramatise things is now. Tomorrow (today) 14:30 hours, we shall go to Parliament buildings to submit our petition so that he is subjected to mental check up at Chainama Hospital in Lusaka,” wrote Zulu.
“Thereafter, we will go to Lusaka Central Police Station to report him for criminal defamation [of] the President. Calling a sitting Head of State as being corrupt amounts to criminal defamation. We hope a lot of you can come in numbers to help us give him a last punch in the game of politics.”
But Kambwili said the PF cadre was entitled to petition Parliament on anything but would not comment on the allegation.

“Why would I waste time to answer a chap like Munir Zulu? I cannot do that. I cannot answer Munir Zulu, it will be a waste of time; people may not notice the difference. I will leave it up the Zambian people to judge who needs a mental check up,” Kambwili said.
Asked about the petition at parliament, Kambwili responded “Its his entitlement.”


  1. In Africa and particulary Zambia to prosecute those in government at the time does not happen.Just wait untill they are out of power,then you will see ehat happens.All these useful i.d.i.ot.s cadres will be no more.

  2. The ECL’s Regime will be the easiest to convict (go to jail),starting from their boss to the least.It’s a wait and see situation.There will be gnashing of teeth,as the Bible says

  3. Zambia is abundantly blessed with prudent educated people in the field of medicine. I’m a consultant psychiatrist with rich and abundant experience and competence to give a thorough diagnosis based on scientific evidence. I’m question in an hypothetical manner is which person is more likely to suffer mental illness ? A: a person with long outstanding history of abusing alcohol or dependent ? B: a person with no history of alcohol abuse?
    the rest is left for you to decide.

  4. Munier Zulu and you fellow kapoyas you are just show ing your foolishness. You think Zambian’s are so damn they can’t know who is not nomal between you and CK ,my dear we all know that madness run’s in your family, so stop waisting the speakers time .its you whose mad,

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